The 21st IMCWP has been completed after four days. The next meeting is going to be held in Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK.
Co-hosted by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), the 21st International Meeting of the Communist and Workers' Parties (IMCWP) has started today in İzmir, following the working group meeting yesterday.
The appeal of the 21st International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties
Communists condemn the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament.
The European Communist Initiative warns about the dangerous NATO agenda at the expense of the peoples.

The 27th Anti-Imperialist Camp of KNE took place on July 6-8 under the slogan 'Join us to the struggle against the system that bears poverty, wars, refugees!'

The Party of Labour of Austria (PdA) commented on the Austrian EU Presidency.

South African Communist Party underlines the findings of the Health Market Inquiry report, indicating to the need for a system of universal quality health care.

The Communist Party of Uruguay issued a Resolution discussing recent imperialist provocations and the ways to consolidate the Frente Amplio in Uruguay.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) calls upon the Central and state governments to cease the growing lawlessness and anarchy in Tripura.

Communist Party of Mexico (PCM) sees a recomposition of the bourgeois hegemony in Obrador's election for presidency.

The European Communist Initiative denies legal restrictions and repressions against the right to strike.
Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan made an evaluation of the political situation in their country.

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released a statement on the results of the presidential and parliamentary elections

The Party for Socialism and Liberation says deportation policy is a 'bipartisan creation' and calls to continue mobilization for immigrant rights.

In face of imperialist pressures, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) organizes activities to expose capitalism and preserve the achivements of the Bolivarian Republic.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a statement titled ‘Unless these 19  points come true, Turkey will not be able to take a breath’

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) released a statement on the recent agreement between the governments of Greece and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

The German CP (DKP) Leadership has released a press statement on June 19th, on the government crisis between the ruling CDU and its Bavarian partner CSU on the refugee question.

The South African Communist Party (SACP) supports the introduction of the National Health Insurance while condemning health care profiteers.
Cyprus Peace Council organized a Peace March to the Akrotiri British Base. The GS of AKEL Kyprianou delivered a speech.

Communist Party of Bangladesh protested killing of former GS of Munshiganj Disctrict Committee and asserted that the government is nurturing terrorists. 

The Commist Party of Sweden calls workers to fight back against the deal of capitalists and yellow unions on furthering limitations to the right to strike.

Following the summit of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, the Workers' Party of Korea and the Party for Socialism and Liberation from USA issued comments on the summit.