Communist Initiative on attacks against the right to strike

The European Communist Initiative denies legal restrictions and repressions against the right to strike.
ICP, 27 June 2018
On June 26, the Initiative of Communist and Workers' Parties of Europe issued a statement on attacks against the right to strike. The statement reminds that formal proclamations regarding human rights made within the framework of the bourgeois democracy are denied in practice whenever they conflict with the class interests of the bourgeoisie or the maximization of profit. And the right to strike, which is formally recognized by many bourgeois constitutions, makes no exception.
The statement asserts that the harsh attack launched with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the consolidation of reformism inside trade unions is growing deeper and sharper in a way planned and coordinated by the organs of the EU and bourgeois governments. Planned and coordinated at the EU level with the "active complicity of collaborationist official trade unions, new and old social-democracy and opportunists in the workers' movement", the strategy adopted by the EU, capital and governments to restrict the right to strike is interpreted as "a part of a more general attack by capital against the working class in order to guarantee to the bourgeoisie full governance and control of the capitalist restructuring process."
The parties of the European Communist Initiative call upon the working class and the people's strata to struggle proclaiming:
-Hands off the right to strike and trade-union activity.
-Abolish every strike-breaking practice, expose and isolate the compromised reformist leaderships in the trade-union movement.
-Strengthen the struggle against the EU, capital and the bourgeois governments in favor of Collective Job Contracts and workers’ rights.
Putting forward that anti-labour laws will never be able to abolish the workers’ struggles or stop strikes and collective actions, the statement ends as follows:
Legal restrictions and repression will not defeat the working class and their resistance, until the final victory, until the working class becomes the master of the wealth it produces!