Communists condemn the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament.

The European Communist Initiative meeting titled "Struggle for Communism: 100 Years of Political Heritage" hosted by the CP of Turkey (TKP) took place on February 16-17 in İstanbul. 

Endorsing people's immediate demands, the Iraqi CP asserts that reform has become an urgent need.
CP of India (CPI) and CPI (Marxist) condemn the lynching of innocent Muslims in the name of suspected cow smuggling in Alwar.

Following the disaster of  wildfires at which 91 people lost their lives in Greece, the CPs around the world issued messages of solidarity with the Greek people and the Communist Party of Greece-KKE. (TKP, PC Italy, PdA, WPI, NKPJ) To be updated...

A joint statement by Communist and Worker Parties condemned Israel's continuing aggression against Palestine and criticized the European Left that legitimizes Israel's policy. (updated signatories).

The Communist Party of Greece mobilizes the party for saving the people from the wildfire, caring for those injured and taking measures to prevent other disasters. 

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey issued a statement on the wildfire in Greece.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation conducted a meeting on pension reform, mentioning the inhibition of its anti-crisis program in the parliament.

The CC of the Communist Party of Ukraine held an official session in Kyiv dedicated to the 100th anniversary of its establishment and 25th of its restoration.
AKEL calls upon President Anastasiades to give a response to the UNSG report on Cyprus.

Police attacked Amazon workers’ strike in Madrid, capturing a PCPE member.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued a statement on the visit of the German Die Linke Party to Israel, exposing the support of the 'European Left' to imperialist operations.

The European Communist Initiative warns about the dangerous NATO agenda at the expense of the peoples.

The 27th Anti-Imperialist Camp of KNE took place on July 6-8 under the slogan 'Join us to the struggle against the system that bears poverty, wars, refugees!'

The Party of Labour of Austria (PdA) commented on the Austrian EU Presidency.

South African Communist Party underlines the findings of the Health Market Inquiry report, indicating to the need for a system of universal quality health care.

The Communist Party of Uruguay issued a Resolution discussing recent imperialist provocations and the ways to consolidate the Frente Amplio in Uruguay.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) calls upon the Central and state governments to cease the growing lawlessness and anarchy in Tripura.

Communist Party of Mexico (PCM) sees a recomposition of the bourgeois hegemony in Obrador's election for presidency.

The European Communist Initiative denies legal restrictions and repressions against the right to strike.
Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan made an evaluation of the political situation in their country.