'Anti-communism will not pass!'

Communists condemn the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament.
ICP, 28 September 2019
On September 19, the European Parliament approved a blatantly unhistorical and provocative resolution entitled "The importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe" signed by the political groups of the People's Party, Social Democrats, Liberals, Greens and Conservative Reformists. The text attempts to equate communism with fascism and erase of the Soviet Union's contribution to the crushing of the latter. The provocative resolution is denounced and harshly criticized by Communist Parties.
On September 27, the European Communist Initiative denounced the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament and the escalation of anti-communism planned by the EU. The statement of the European Communist Initiative criticized the unhistorical identification of communism with the monster of fascism, which is promoted by the resolution for whitewashing the fascists and their actions, expressing hatred for the struggle of the peoples. The slander that socialism equates to fascism in the name of totalitarianism, according to the statement, is revealed by the fact that fascism is born and bred of capitalism, taking into consideration that their common economic basis is the power of monopolies that only socialism overthrows. Against the resolution's provocative argument that the Soviet Union and the Red Army were allies with Nazi Germany, the statement gave the response, "Hitler's allies and collaborators were actually the monopolies that paved the way for him, which today are supported by the EU as well as a series of bourgeois governments in European countries. The provocative resolution goes so far as to distort History, considering the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact as the alleged cause of the outbreak of World War II, while it is known that the Munich Pact between G. Britain, France, Italy and Hitler’s Germany, pre-existed and which surrendered Czechoslovakia to Hitler leading to the prelude of the WWII." It was stated that all honest people understand well that the authors of the anti-communist resolution that equate fascism to communism lie consciously and brazenly. The parties participating in the Initiative denounced the distortions of History by the EU and its governments, as well as the well-paid EU anti-communist events funding program, "Europe for Citizens". They called for the cease of all persecutions of the Communists, bans on Communist Parties, and destructions of monuments. The Initiative declared that the truth will shine through and the people, especially the youth with their struggle, will conquer it and throw such constructions of capital and its organizations into the dustbin of History.
On September 19, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) condemned the despicable, anti-communist joint resolution of the European Parliament, signed by the political groups of the People's Party, the Social Democrats, the Liberal, the Greens and the Conservative Reformists. The CC of the KKE saw the purpose of this reactionary monstrosity as to legalize the ban on communist parties and communist symbols imposed on a number of EU member states, such as the Baltic States and the so-called Visegrad Group, the generalization of criminalization and persecution of communist ideology and the action of the people’s forces that fight together with the Communists and resist the anti-popular barbarity. The statement of the KKE reminded the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union to the smashing of the fascist monster, with the blood of millions of Soviet people, the incalculable sacrifices of the communists who led the heroic resistance movement against the Nazi yoke. The CC of the KKE concluded, "The European Parliament proves to be a flag-bearer of anti-communism, which is the official ideology of the EU, a forerunner and a necessary complement to the harsh anti-popular policy it imposes together with bourgeois governments in its member states. History has been irrevocably written by the peoples with their struggles, and the apologists of the capital and capitalist barbarity will not rewrite it with resolutions. Those MEPs who vote for this anti-communist construct take on a serious responsibility that our people will judge strictly."
Again on September 19, the Members of the European Parliament from the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) denounced this grave attempt of falsifying history and anti-communist action, which in its essence is also anti-democratic and reaffirmed that they will not allow the absolution of fascism and the criminalization of the communist ideal and project. According to the press release of the PCP MEPs, the resolution is in a deplorable attempt to equate fascism and communism, minimizing and justifying the crimes of nazi-fascism and silencing the collusive responsibilities of the great capitalist powers — like the United Kingdom and France — who paved the way to the beginning of World War II in the hope of pushing the nazi hordes upon the USSR, as would come to happen with immense human and material costs for the Soviet Union, on a level incomparable to any other country. PCP MEPs claimed that the resolution also aims to silence the role of communists towards the freedom of peoples from fascist oppression, as in Portugal, or the role that communists played and play in advancing democratic rights, the political, economic, social and cultural rights of workers and peoples. They criticized the EU's attempts to give the world lessons on “democracy” and “human rights” while promoting civilizational setbacks, attacking social and labour rights, national sovereignty and democracy. The press release of the PCP MEPs emphasized that the EU is in the service of big capital and great powers and that it develops repressive (and militaristic) trends and practices of limiting fundamental rights and liberties, encouraging the policies that lay at the root of the upsurge of extreme-right and fascistic forces.
On September 20, the Central Committee of the Progressive Party of the Working People (AKEL) stated that the EP's anti-communist resolution is an insult to History and Democracy. The Party underlined that the resolution mentions the various European governments that have proceeded to the criminalization of Communist ideology and activity, at the same time of course when these very governments are praising Nazi collaborators and leading the way in xenophobia and authoritarianism. The CC of the AKEL deduced that the ruling powers in Europe today are paving the way and preparing the ground for fascism by reproducing the "theory of the two extremes," just like they did 80 years ago. In the statement, it was prescribed that the only "meeting" between fascism and communism took place in Stalingrad, Kursk and so many other battlefields of the Second World War when the Soviet Union crushed the forces of Nazism and secured the triumph of human civilization on the planet. According to the AKEL, the forces of the system and establishment, which with their policies are generating tens of millions of unemployed, poor and destitute across the continent, have decided to uproot from Europe the ideas, actions, history and visions of the communists and the Left. The Party noted that anti-communist persecutions sooner or later turn against every progressive and democratic citizen. Finally, the statement noted the fact that the MEPs of ruling DISY party voted for the anti-communist resolution was not surprising but added, "What is surprising however is the attitude of the MEP of the Democratic Party DIKO who chose to vote for the resolution, while the MEP Dimitris Papadakis of social democratic EDEK acted correctly by voting against the unhistorical Resolution."
On September 21, Ástor García, the Secretary-General of the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE), wrote an open letter addressing Pedro Sánchez, the Secretary-General of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE). García criticized the alleged struggle against “totalitarism”, which is nothing but the disguise used for criminalizing the only ideology that has truly put up against the ropes the capitalist dominance. "This 'totalitarism'," García addressed Sánchez, "which serves you to spit out with no shame on the tombs of the thousands and thousands of communists who gave their life in the struggle against Hitler, Mussolini and their allies, who shed their blood in the partisan struggle, in the Red Army or in concentration camps to eradicate once and for all that killer beast Nazi-fascism is. To those communists, to those partisans, to their families, you will not dare to tell them that their ancestors were equal to fascists. You will not dare because you are a coward, but it is what your party has supported in the European Parliament." The GS of the PCTE harshly criticized the social democrat leader, "You have no shame. You deserve no respect. You disregard the truth and manipulate History to adjust it to your masters’ interests. You help to generalize a historical version that benefits the same ones who gave carte blanche to Hitler and Mussolini, to those who created them: the big capitalists who, due to their fear to a rising communism, funded and supported the Nazi and fascist thug and criminal gangs."
On September 26, seven Communist Organizations from France, including the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF) and the Pole for Communist Revival in France (PRCF), issued a common declaration for defending the liberty of expression of communists. French communists condemned the EP deputies who declare themselves as "guaranteer of European democracy". They responded to the French right-wing politicians by reminding them the following words that General De Gaulle pronounced in 1946, "The French know that Soviet Russia played the principal role in their liberation." In the common declaration, hypocrite ideologues and politicians from social democracy and liberal ecologists were accused of destroying political pluralism under the cover of "anti-totalitarianism". Indeed, attacks against communists aim to break the people's resistance against the dictatorial EU of the great capital. French communists declared that they will continue to honour as deserved communist symbols and every antifascist Resistant. They called upon all real democrats in European countries to gather against the continental anticommunist purge, that is encouraged by the EU seeking a general social regression and NATO in search for a military adventure against the people of Russia and that serves as a ground for fascism.
Last week, 36 Communist Youth Organizations that gathered in Athens in the occasion of the 45th Festival of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) issued a common resolution against the provocative anticommunist resolution of the European Parliament. The organizations condemned the repugnant anticommunist common resolution which they considered unacceptable and unhistorical. The Communist Youth Organizations signing the statement clearly declared that anti-communism and the falsification of History will not pass since the historical truth will crush their lies and provocations.