'Trans-Pacific Partnership means corporate enslavement'

The Communist Party of Australia points out the threat that is posed by the TPP Treaty against people.

ICP, 22nd November 2015

 In an article in the Guardian' of the The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) the text of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is referred as "corporate enslavement". It is argued that the agreement is the beginning of a route that will lead to an "untrammelled corporate dictatorship."

According to the article, TPP, as leaving out some major economies involved in BRICS- the economic cooperation platform established between Brazil, Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa- and enhancing "competition" against this bloc, will inevitably increase the international tension.

Additionally the threat that TPP poses on the public services like health and education with it's "neo-liberal agenda", and the likely emergence of a pharmaceutical monopoly are uhighlighted.

For the full text of the article see the link.