CYO's Common Declaration for Solidarity with Alexander Batov

Communist Youth Organizations from all around the world condemn anti-communist threats in Russia.
ICP, 3 August 2017
Alexander Batov, member of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Workers' Party (RCWP) and representative of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Union - Bolsheviks (RKSM-b) was arrested on the 9th of May, day of the Anti-fascist Victory of the peoples in pretext of "civil disobedience". In their common declaration for solidarity with Batov, 26 Communist Youth Organizations from all around the world condemn the arbitrary prosecutions and anti-communist threats.
The declaration is as follows:

Anti-Communism is weapon of the capitalist system - It will not pass!

We, 26 Communist Youth Organizations from all over the world, sign the following resolution:

We condemn the arrest and detention of comrade Alexander Batov, a member of the Secretariat of the CC of the Communist Workers' Party of Russia and representative of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Union (bolsheviks) (also known as RKSMb) at the National Preparatory Committee of Russia for the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students.

Comrade Batov was arrested on 9th May, day of the Anti-fascist Victory of the peoples, with the falsified accusation of "civil disobedience", in fact for distributing the RCWP's leaflet about the actual content of the day, revealing the attempt to defame the content of this anniversary by today's Russian authorities. He was sentenced to seven days' imprisonment and after his release he has been receiving a series of threats in order to stop any political activity.

These acts, attacks and threats against the free political action of the Communists show the fear of the bourgeois governments of all states in front of the power of the Communists. For us, the young communists from all over the world, these actions result to the strengthening of our steadfastness and will to continue with greater determination our struggle against capitalism, for socialism-communism.

Anti-Communism will not pass! We express our solidarity with RCWP and RCYL (b) and we demand all persecutions to stop immediately.

Signed by the following Communist Youth Organizations:

1. Communist Youth of Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)

2. Communist Youth "Qemal Stafa" of Albania

3. Union of Communist Youth, UJC – Brazil

4. Advancing Communist Youth, JCA – Brazil

5. Young Communist League, YCL-LJC – Canada

6. Young Socialists of the Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

7. Communist Youth Union, KSM – Czech Republic

8. Socialist German Workers Youth, SDAJ

9. Communist Youth of Greece, KNE

10. Workers Party Youth, WPY – Ireland

11. Front of Communist Youth – Italy

12. Socialist Movement of Kazakstan

13. Federation of Young Communists, FJC – Mexico

14. Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands, CJB

15. Communist Youth of Pakistan

16. Democratic Students Federation of Pakistan, DSF

17. Communist Youth of Palestine

18. Peruvian Communist Youth, JCP

19. Youth of the Communist Party of Poland

20. Young Communist League of Yugoslavia - Serbia

21. Collectives of Young Communists, CJC – Spain

22. Revolutionary Communist Youth, RKU – Sweden

23. Communist Youth of Turkey, TKG

24. Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine, LKSMU

25. League of Young Communists of USA, LYC USA

26. Communist Youth of Venezuela, JCV