Communists of Europe met to 'put an end to the capitalist barbarism'

Communist and Workers' Parties from Europe met in Brussels with the struggle agenda against "capitalist system which produces war, poverty, refugees and immigrants

ICP, 8th December 2015

The European Communist and Workers’ Parties met in Brussels on the agenda statement as: ‘We strengthen the struggle of the working class against the barbarism of the capitalist system which produces war, poverty, refugees and immigrants’.   

The opening speech was made by Dimitris Koutsoumpas, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece,in the meeting, which 36 Communist and Workers’ Parties participated in. Koutsoumpas stressed the need of escalating the struggle of the Communists against imperialism; the social democracy which is going hand-in-hand with imperialism at the expense of the people and the fascist movement that is gaining power in Europe. General Secretary underlined the importance of staying on the socialist perspective in order to yield results.

Throughout the meeting delegates of the participant Parties exchanged views on the intensifying conflicts of the imperialist system and the deepening of the capitalist crisis.

The Syria crisis, being the most important agenda, was discussed on its various dimensions.

The delegates of the Communist and Workers’ Parties highlighted the harmful role of the rising of the new European   "social democratic parties" in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.

The meeting, while saluting the on-going struggles of people in various countries also underlined the primary duty for the communists as to stay in solidarity with the refugees.


The list of the participant Parties is as follows:

AKEL, Cyprus,
Party of Labour of Austria,
Communist Party of the Workers of Belarus,
The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic),
Union of Communists in Bulgaria,
Party of Bulgarian Communists,
Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia,
New Communist Party of the Netherlands
Communist Party in Denmark,
Communist Party of Denmark,
Workers’ Party of Finland
Pole of Communist Revival in France,
Union of Revolutionary Communists of France,
Unified Communist Party of Georgia,
German Communist Party,
Communist Party of Greece,
Hungarian Workers’ Party,
The Workers’ Party of Ireland,
Irish Communist Party,
Communist Party of Italy,
Socialist Party of Latvia,
Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania,
Communist Party of Malta,
People’ Resistance Moldova,
Communist Party of Norway,
Communist Party of Poland,
Portuguese Communist Party,
Communist Workers’ Party of Russia,
Communist Party of Russian Federation,
Communist Party of Slovakia,
Communist Party of Peoples of Spain,
Communist Party of Sweden,
Communist Party, Turkey,
Union of Communists of Ukraine,
Communist Party of Ukraine
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia