100 years later reassessing imperialism after Lenin

The 6th Issue of the International Communist Review discuss the inter-state capitalist unions and the stance of the communists towards them.

ICP, 10th November 2015

The “International Communist Review” assigned its 6th issue on the question of the inter-state capitalist unions and the stance of the communists towards them. In the editorial article it is explained that the 6th issue focuses on the question which had been put forward by Lenin in his article entitled “On the Slogan for a United States of Europe” and published on the 23rd of August 1915 in the newspaper “Sotsial-Demokrat”, no. 44.

The collected articles in the 6th issue, released on 5th November, are respectively from “Kommounistiki Epitheorisi” (of the Communist Party of Greece); “Propuesta Comunista” (of the CP of the Peoples of Spain); “Socialist Latvii” (of the Socialist Party of Latvia);“Gelenek” (Communist Party, Turkey); ‘ThinkLeft” (Workers’ Party of Ireland); “El Comunista” (of the Communist Party of Mexico) and the “Sovetski Sojuz” (Russian Communist Workers’ Party). 

The articles discuss, "100 years later, this issue of inter-state capitalist unions and the stance of the communists towards them are once again back in the spotlight and engage the international communist and workers’ movement, due to the developments in the EU, the criminal activity of NATO, the formation of new inter-state unions in Latin America, Eurasia, the promotion of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the emergence of BRICS etc."

The list of the contents is as follows:

"The imperialist unions, the inter-imperialist contradictions and the stance of the communists" Makis Papadopoulos Member of the CC of the KKE Responsible for the Ideological Committee of the CC

"In the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Act of Accession of Spain to the European Economic Community: a class-oriented assessment" Propuesta Comunista (PCPE)

"Lenin’s approach to the analysis of imperialist alliances and to the use of contradictions between imperialists for developing revolutionary strategy of struggle under the conditions of modern Russia" RCWP Central Committee

"NATO as a regulator of imperialism" Ali Somel

"Class character of interstate unions in America" Pável Blanco Cabrera First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Mexico Angel Chávez Mancilla Responsible for the Ideology Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Mexico, Director of El Machete

"From the Comecon to the European Union: Hungarian experience" Szabadsag (Hungarian WP)

"The European Union of Inequality: Latvia in the Arms of Transnational Capital" Fridijs Bokiss (Fridijs Bokišs) The Acting Chairman of SPL

"NATO and the EU: Inter-state imperialist alliances, inter-imperialist rivalry, expansionism, the threat to peace and the dangers of aggression and war" Workers’ Party of Ireland Gerry Grainger

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