'Young people in Greece and Turkey, we are on your side!'

The Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) and the Communist Youth, Turkey (KG) have declared a joint call addressing the youth of both countries to join their common struggle on a basis of proletarian internationalism.

ICP, 18 December 2016

The Communist Youth, Turkey (KG) had welcomed a delegation from the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) on 13-14-15th December in İstanbul.

One of the outcomes of the correspondences between the two organizations has been a joint call to the youth in both countries for joining their common struggle based on proletarian internationalism against imperialist bloodsheds and capitalist barbarity. 

Representatives of the Communist Youth Organisations of Turkey and Greece met on 13/12/2016 in Istanbul, discussed over the concerning situation which is being developed in their countries and the greater region, over the problems, the life and the struggles of the youth, and they decided to develop furthermore their common struggle and cooperation especially during 2017 on the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

KG and KNE addressed the youth of both countries with a Joint Call, declaring the following:

"The youth of Greece and Turkey have common problems, common struggle, common future!

Young people in Greece and Turkey, we are on your side!

Young workers, school-students, students in Universities and Technical Universities, join us in our struggle for the satisfaction of the contemporary needs of the youth. Both our peoples, the youth of both countries, we have common problems, common tradition, historical and cultural bonds. Join us in order to struggle altogether for the overthrow of the capitalist system of exploitation, barbarity, unemployment, poverty, crisis, imperialist wars, refugee – immigration.

The Communist Youth of Greece and the Communist Youth, Turkey, we are both linked to the just effort to organize the common struggle of both of our peoples, especially the youth. We have common ideology, Marxism – Leninism, and we struggle alongside our parties, the Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Party, Turkey, for socialism – communism.

The Communist Youth Organisations of Greece and Turkey, we estimate that the developments in our region are characterized by the sharpening of the competitions, between strong capitalist forces, such as USA, NATO, EU and Russia, China and other forces. These inter – imperialist competitions, that concern which force will exploit the oil, natural gas, transport routes and the markets of the region of Eastern Mediterranean, are objectively the ground for the generalised imperialist war in the region.

Up to this moment, the youth of Turkey has already been dragged towards the war in Syria. In the Syrian trouble, that begun from the intervention of USA – NATO – EU, the monarchies of the Gulf and the government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the young people of Turkey are being sacrificed in the name of the expansionist ambitions of the capitalists of Turkey and the interests of the US imperialism in the region. The imperialist war, waging in Middle East has as consequence for millions of people to follow the road to immigration. Many refugees are trapped inside our countries, especially after the outrageous deal between EU and Turkey concerning the Refugee Issue.

In Greece, up to this moment, the government has supported all the dangerous decisions of NATO, it has offered Greek islands for the formation of NATO military Bases, it has decriminalized the presence of NATO in the Aegean Sea under the pretext of dealing with the waves of refugees.

Both organizations, we highlight more specifically that the bourgeois classes of Greece and Turkey follow the path of economic cooperation and at the same time of increasing competition. They were always spreading the poison of nationalism, racism, fascism in order to divide the two peoples, aiming more specifically towards the minds of the youth. On the other hand, they are always using the trap of the bourgeois cosmopolitanism for the young people, who do not bite the nationalist poison; in order to complacent them In front of the dangerous developments.

We clearly declare: The peoples and the youth of our countries have nothing to divide. We are against any attempt for changing the boarders of our countries. The young people must not shed their blood for the interests and the competitions of imperialists.

Loyal to the principles of proletarian internationalism, we will struggle together in order to put an end to the capitalist barbarity, the causes that create the imperialist wars, in order to put an end to injustice and the bloodshed of the peoples, due to the interests of the exploiters."