'Onward for a Europe of the peoples, of socialism!'

A joint appeal from European Communist and Workers' Parties for the upcoming EP elections.

ICP, 30 January 2019

As the European Elections of May 2019 approach, a joint appeal is issued by a number of Communist and Workers' Parties from Europe. The declaration boldly underlines that the European Union functions as a European imperialist center and declares that any expectation for "reforming" or "democratizing" this institution in a pro-people direction has been proved to be futile.
The Parties undersigning the declaration stand for
  • Essential raises in salaries and pensions.
  • Public and free of charge Health-Care, Education.
  • The support of the struggle of the workers and of the unemployed for full-time and stable jobs.
  • Democratic rights in the workplaces, working- and social-rights, social-security.
  • The rights of the immigrant workers and the struggle against the causes that force the peoples to abandon their countries.
  • Support of the small and medium-sized farmers.
  • The essential protection of the environment that is sacrificed for the profits of the big capital.
They call upon the working class, the peoples
  • To multiply their struggles against the European Union, against this union of capital, that hurts the peoples’ rights.
  • To strengthen their resistance to the capital’s attack, to the attacks of the parties that serve the capital’s interests, to strengthen their struggle for every popular problem.
  • To support with any suitable way the Communist and Workers’ Parties that condemn the EU in the battle of the European Elections, in May 2019, to weaken the parties that support the EU and its politics, that defend the “EU’s one-way road” of the capital and the supposed “democratization” of the EU
Finally, they
  • Underscore that the capital’s offensive is unitary and has to do with all the member-states of the EU, as well as with the rest of the states that are situated in the European continent and on these grounds it is necessary to strengthen the common struggle of the CP’s and of the peoples, to develop solidarity with the struggle of the workers across the whole Europe and worldwide.
  • Stress that there is another way of development for the peoples. The alternative of a different Europe emerges out of the workers’ struggle; a Europe of the prosperity of the peoples, of social progress, of democratic rights, of equal cooperation, of peace, of socialism.
  • Believe in the right of each people to sovereignly choose its way of development, including the right to disengage itself from the EU, NATO and every other imperialist organization; to struggle for the socialist path of development.

The declaration ends as follows:

We call on the peoples to weaken the forces that support the EU, in any way, and cultivate illusions that the EU can be fixed.

-NO to the EU of the monopolies, of capital and wars!

-Onward for a Europe of the prosperity of the peoples, of peace, social justice and democratic rights, of socialism!



Party of Labour of Austria

Belarusian Republican Organization-Section of the CPSU

New Communist Party of Britain

Union of Communists in Bulgaria

Party of Bulgarian Communists

Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

Communist  Party in Denmark 

Communist Revolutionary Party of France (PCRF)

Pole of Communist Revival in France

Communist Party of Macedonia

Unified Communist Party of Georgia

Communist Party of Greece

Hungarian Workers' Party

The Workers' Party of Ireland

Communist Party, Italy

Socialist Party of Latvia

Socialist Party, Lithuania

Communist Party of Malta

People’s Resistance Moldova

Communist Party of Norway

Communist Party of Poland

Communist Workers' Party of Russia

Communist Party of Soviet Union

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Communist Party of Slovakia

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Sweden

Communist Party of Turkey

Union of Communists of Ukraine

(The Appeal is open for further endorsements)

See the link for full statement and the updated list of signatories.