Italian Communists beat the current in the storm

Communist Party of Italy (PC) released a statement regarding the election on 4th of March,

ICP, 06 March 2018

The Communist Party of Italy ( Partito Comunista, PC) released a statement in the aftermath of the 2018 general elections, where no political group or party won an outright majority and resulted in a hung parliament. The election took place concurrently with the Lombard and Lazio regional elections. According to the final results, the centre-right alliance won a plurality of seats in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate, while the Five Star Movement led by Luigi Di Maio became the party with the largest number of votes and the centre-left coalition came third.

The PC had achieved 100 000 votes, as the result of their electoral campaign and program which not only focused on votes but on the struggle of "revolutionary transformation of the country into a socialist one" (See the link for the news on ICP).The PC has only participated in 11 regions and yet achieved their goal of receiving 100 000 supporters.

The PC released a statement in the aftermath of the elections underlined how the March 4th elections proved the validity of their analyzes on the situation of the leftist movements in recent years The statement  pointed out the treacherous betrayal of the Democratic Party and how it was punished by the people and the working class drifting the left forces with them. The distribution of the votes shows that there are no 'red' regions and that the left in general is drowned by the rising reaction between the social strata and the southern regions. The PC reveals the fact that the left has been drawn by the "protest votes" which have not channeled to the Left but to the right wing and far right parties, such as the Five Star Movement and the Northern League.

After stating the deep failure of the Democrat Party the statement continued as follows:

"We would not have been honest to express the outcome other than the actual results. We are a small boat in the storm trying to keep up with the current. However, we have the responsibility to keep the bar straight. We are aware of the difficulties and did not give false illusions to the public but clearly indicated that that we were participating in elections to strengthen our party. The result we have received is exactly what we expected. We aimed at 100,000 votes at the national level and we did it. The result, which is determined as 0.35%, does not really reflect the reality since the Communist Party has participated in only 11 regions."

The PC stressed their dedication to transfer those 100 000 votes into struggle and their aim of organizing in schools, workplaces and factories. The statement concludes with the reflection of the PC on the neo-fascist CasaPound movement and reveals how they failed in the elections despite the fact that Democrat Party's and the Left's campaigns actually worked for the advertising of this fascist movement. 

The statement concludes with the emphasis on the necessity for an ideologically founded united struggle against fascism.

See the link for the full text of PC's statement in Italian.