The Communist Women of Turkey: 'No' to the exploitation of our labour, our bodies and lives'

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a statement for the International Working Women's Day calling for socialist struggle, against the obedient society that is trying to be created.

ICP, 08 March 2018

On the eve of March 8th, the International Working Women’s Day, the Communist Women from Turkey reacted to escalating levels of exploitation and oppression within the capitalist system, that forces the women to work for lower salaries and under discriminatory conditions.

The statement reads “In Turkey, only one-third of women are employed, half of whose are subject to unregistered and precarious employment. For every 2.6 liras paid per hour for men, rates drop down to 1 lira per hour for women. Every one out of three women is subject to violence, a rape of a woman takes place in every four hours. Women are exposed to discrimination and humiliation, and murderers of women receive abatement of sentence for "good conduct". Childhood marriages are trying to be put under legal covers, "adultery" is pushed into discussions about measures against child abuse.”

The Communist Women condemned the reactionism of capitalism for meddling into where a woman can laugh, how many children she gives birth to, or when she starts working. For living in a bright society, they are inviting all women to struggle, to strengthen the struggle towards socialism, where women are equal elements of the society from the beginning, instead of living under capitalism, which is the source of inequality, reactionary oppressions and threats, harassments and rapes.

See the link for the full text of the statement in English.