RCWP on the Comintern and tasks of the communist movement

Contribution of the RCWP to the international conference “Comintern-100”.

ICP, 19 July 2019

30 Communist Parties participated in the international conference "100 years of the Communist International and tasks of the Communist movement today" that took place in Moscow on June 1-2 with the initiative of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Communist Workers' Party of Russia. Parties discussed the honorable heritage left by the Communist International, which was created 100 years ago under the leadership of Lenin as a remarkable contribution to the cause of development and strengthening of the world communist and workers movement. They reiterated their conviction on the necessity of common work in the field of theory as well as practical work and coordination of positions and actions for the cause of organizational, political and ideological strengthening of Communist Parties.

The Communist Workers' Party of Russia (RCWP) published its contribution to the international conference that it hosted in June. It is stated in the report that the RCWP carries out its own studies on the Comintern’s history with a team of its theoreticians, ideologists, historians and political writers. The Party puts forward that the Comintern never acted dogmatically and proposes as a method while treating the history of the Comintern to put into use the things that are unequivocally considered as joint achievements of the international communist movement. The RCWP calls for discussing additional steps to ensure the unity of the actions between Communist Parties as well as the international communist movement in the direction of the organizational unity up to creating a new Communist International, however distant this future may be.

See the link for the RCWP's contribution to the international conference "Comintern-100".