'A disaster carefully designed by corporations and imperialism'

The Communist Party of Argentina called to continue the mobilizations against the government representing the interests of corporations and imperialism.

ICP, 29 September 2018

Following the 24 and 25 September general strike that the Communist Party of Argentina (PCA) and the Communist Youth had called for active participation, the PCA called to continue the mobilizations and declared an alternative political line to unite the forces in struggle. An article in the National Information Bulletin of the PCA dated 27 September with the title ‘Without fight, they will not go’, underlined that the crisis of Argentine capitalism has been exacerbated by the boundless voracity of the group of corporations that control the government and total public power. The new phase of the currency crisis has triggered another process of price decontrol that is now heading with increases of between 10 and 30 percent in consumer goods, which is equivalent to an increase in poverty and indigence.

The article pointed out to the fall of the purchasing power of wages, unemployment in both the private and state sectors, financial speculation that puts Argentina on the verge of bankruptcy. According to the article, the measures of the government discards the social functions of the State, aims to end the state social welfare system by financing the ANSES (public social security agency) and liquidates the funds that give it sustainability. This produces illegal external debt and undermines national sovereignty over natural assets.

In the article the PCA stressed that 'these are not errors or a management failure', but rather 'a disaster that has been carefully designed according to the interests of the oligarchy and imperialism, with the surrender to the IMF'. In addition it said, 'The people, who have demonstrated a strong capacity for mobilization in the streets and places of work and study are the ones who now have the foothold'. The PCA called to form 'a united center that coordinates and strengthens the mobilizations'. As a contribution to this need for a political alternative, the communists proposed the emergency measures including the following:

- General increase of salaries and pensions.

- Enactment of law to prohibit dismissals and suspensions. 

- No payment of external debt.

- Derogation of the pension reform.

- Renationalization of the concessioned companies.

- Creation of state instruments that allow effective orientation and control of foreign and domestic trade of grains, meat and energy.

- Provision of merchandise in all its forms to neighborhood canteens nationwide.

- Protection of national productiion prohibiting subsidized imports that favor deindustrialization.

- Contruction of a national program of housing accessible to the popular sectors.

- Improvement of the social economy including cooperatives, family enterprises and promotion of SMEs.

-Freedom to Milagro Sala and all the political prisoners of the Macrist government.

The article lastly underlined that it is essential to undertake a process of political debate in the whole of society 'to get out of the trap of neoliberalism with a new National Constitution'. Such a Constituion would guarantee social rights, promote a participatory reform of the State, democratize judicial power and the electoral system, broaden the social function of property and open the commitment to South American economic and social integration.