CP of Mexico: “Class solidarity among workers is our only option”

The Communist Party of Mexico released a declaration on the recent earthquake that devastated Mexico.

ICP, 21 September 2017

The Communist Party of Mexico released a declaration after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico, leaving more than two hundred dead and thousands of injured and homeless.

The declaration points out to the incapability of the state to deal with the tragedy, which is linked to lack of efficient social policies and reduced budgets in favor of maximum profit to the monopolies.

The Communist Party of Mexico observes that the proletariat is left alone to dig the rubble by hand to rescue the victims while repressive forces are deployed in wealthy neighborhoods and monopolies are allowed to speculate on food, medicine, tools and drinking water.

The declaration of the Party reminds that workers can only expect help from their fellow workers and calls for national and international solidarity among the working class.

The full text of the declaration can be read below:


Class solidarity among workers is our only option

Mexico once again mourns for an earthquake that had an epicenter in Chiautla, Puebla and that tragically impacted the states of Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Morelos and Mexico City, only weeks after that affected Oaxaca and Chiapas, especially the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

Once again, the Mexican state is completely overtaken, as it was in 1985, and proves itself incapable of dealing with these tragedies, and this is explicable because the logic of maximum profit to the monopolies makes unviable an efficient social policy with budgets reduced to the minimum where the blatant corruption ends up appropriating what little is left.

Today on September 19 an anti-seismic drill was taking place; what a tragedy is that only two hours later state measures showed their complete futility, simulation, negligence and triumphalism. The repressive forces, the army, the police forces are rapidly deployed to protect the commercial squares, the residential areas where the bourgeoisie lives. Monopolies and shops of all kinds already speculate on the cost of food, medicine, tools and drinking water; the real estate and insurers also seek to obtain their share, while the proletariat digs the rubble by hand to rescue the victims, organizes collections, establishes collective canteens, creates information banks, and expresses class solidarity.

Once again the criminal wrongs of capital against labor are afloat, as cases of buildings where workers, who were working outside of any regulations and security measures, have died, been injured or trapped in the rubble are spreading, The same happens with the multifamily buildings where the working class and the popular sectors live, which are structurally affected and which make it unfeasible that they are still inhabited. The same as in Oaxaca and Chiapas, where in a moment hundreds of working families lost all their wealth and weeks later they are left helpless except for the help of their own communities. Undoubtedly, the greatest blow is to the proletariat of Mexico.

As in 1985, workers can only expect help from their sister and brother workers, from class solidarity. Only support initiatives among the workers themselves, with volunteer brigades and organized initiatives, will yield results and this is what the Communist Party of Mexico and the Federation of Young Communists are committed to. We call for organized initiatives to solve immediate problems.

While solidarity among the workers of Mexico must be expressed in initiatives that communists should be committed to, such as collection of medicine and food in other regions to make them reach workers' committees, popular and workers’ organizations in the affected areas, we also call for international solidarity among the working class.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Political Bureau of the Central Committee

September 19, 2017