Gloria La Riva: 'Exclusion from debates are blatant violation of democracy'

PSL presidential candidate Gloria La Riva speaks of her exclusion from the televised presidential debates.

ICP, 27th September 2016

“It’s a blatant violation of our basic democratic rights” said the socialist Presidential candidate Gloria La Riva speaking of her exclusion from the televised presidential debates. “The people are being forced to choose only between an imperialist war hawk and a racist demagogue...While the U.S. touts itself as the bastion of democracy around the world, at home it hypocritically only allows the two major capitalist parties to participate in its political debates...The U.S. government has deliberately suppressed socialist political movements like ours for over a century. The people can never have a legitimate democracy under capitalism" continued La Riva.

PSL candidate also added that the presidential debates themselves are organized and owned by private corporations which represent  a handful of rich executives  having control over what information the roughly 330 million people in the United States receive.

La Riva concluded by saying: “We call for a new socialist society where true education and access to information is available to all the people, where working and poor people have true political power. In the face of the corporate dominated political system we will continue to challenge the system and reach out to the people in a grassroots campaign and build a socialist movement.

The original statement can be viewed here.