CPU on the recent developments of the anti-communist trail in Ukraine

The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), issued a statement regarding the situation about the trail of prohibition of the CPU.

ICP, 3 February 2017

The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) released a statement evaluating the recent situation in Ukraine about the trial of the CPU ban.The statement accused the trial as a recent example of glorification of Nazi collaborators by the Ukrainian government and the abolishment of the law on State languages.

The court procedure to ban the CPU is reported to arrive at the last stage. Kiev Administrative Court will review the appeal of the the judgment of the District Admisintrative Court of Kiev of December 2015 on the CPU ban on February 8th. The CPU lawyers stated that their appeal for additional evidences were rejected by the court.

The CPU once again underlines that both the ban on CPU decision and the decommunization laws are violations of the international law. It is stated that all are against the Association Agreement with the EU, to the European values, to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and to the Venice Commission.

Despite the trials aiming to abolish the Communist Party of Ukraine, the CPU declared that it will continue  its struggle.

Also in the statement the CPU connected the attack against communists to the current "renaissance" of the Ukrainian neo-Nazism.  The statement revealed  information on some specific MP's regarding the links with the Nazi's. 

The last issue in the CPU's statement is about the attack on the law which regulates the usage of the language of Russian minorities. 57 members of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) have appealed against the law on the State languages to Constitutional Court. This law was guaranteeing the rights of Russian minorities living in Ukraine, as well as the constitution of Ukraine and some international agreements and laws. The CPU warned that abolishment of this law can trigger protests and worse the situation in the Russian speaking east of the country.

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