'Strengthen the struggle against the EU and NATO'

Statement of the EUROPEAN COMMUNIST INITIATIVE on the 60 anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

ICP, 25 March, 2017

The European Communist Initiative released a statement regarding the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the EU's founding treaty. The Initiative reminded the historical characteristics of the EU as an imperialist alliance and called for mass and organized conflict with the capitalist exploitation and struggle against EU and NATO.

The Initiative denounced the glorification of the EU's founding treaty, the Treaty of Rome and reminded that EU was found as an imperialist alliance to defend the European monopolies' interests against the people and the working class.

Reminding the anti-communist character of the EU, the Initiative underlined that it's main mission is to attack "what have been won by the workers through harsh class struggles and the pressure exerted by the USSR and the other socialist countries," and to reinforce EU capital "at the expense of its international competitors e.g. USA, China, Russia."

The Initiative warned against the attempts to entrap people between the longstanding defenders of EU such as social-democrats and liberals and the so-called eurosceptics like the members of Party of the European Left or nationalist populist right forces. The statement concluded with the call for a mass and organized struggle against the capitalist exploitation and against both NATO and EU.

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