Solidarity with the people of Sudan and the Sudanese CP

Communist Parties support the struggle of the Sudanese people against the military junta regime.
ICP, 19 June 2019
Communist and workers' parties issued the following joint statement in order to show their support for the Sudanese people and the Sudanese Communist Party.

"As the Communist and workers' parties, we express our support and our solidarity towards the struggle of the Sudanese people against the military junta regime, for democratic and social rights.

They condemn the murderous repressive reprisal of the regime against the massive peaceful demonstrations sweeping the country, killing dozens of protesters, wounding hundreds of others.

The junta of Sudan, which is supported by the imperialist organizations of the World Bank and the IMF, as well as from various capitalist countries internationally and in the region, has led the vast majority of the population to live a life of misery, hunger and poverty. At the same time, it continues to support the invasion of Yemen by Saudi Arabia with military troops.

Our parties condemn these anti-people choices of the junta and well as the violence that it has unleashed against the working class and popular strata of the country; we express the solidarity of communists towards the people of Sudan and the Sudanese Communist Party."

The text is undersigned by the parties listed below.

SolidNet Parties

  1. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  2. Communist Party of Brazil
  3. New Communist Party of Britain
  4. Communist Party of Britain
  5. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  6. AKEL
  7. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
  8. Communist Party in Denmark
  9. Communist Party of Greece
  10. Hungarian Workers’ Party
  11. Tudeh Party of Iran
  12. Iraqi Communist Party
  13. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  14. Communist Party (Italy)
  15. Jordanian Communist Party
  16. Lebanese Communist Party
  17. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  18. Communist Party of Malta
  19. Palestinian Communist Party
  20. Palestinian Peoples Party
  21. Philippine Communist Party [PKP 1930]
  22. Portuguese Communist Party
  23. Romanian Socialist Party
  24. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  25. Communists of Serbia
  26. Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
  27. Communist Party of the People of Spain
  28. Communists of Catalonia
  29. Syrian Communist Party
  30. Syrian Communist Party (Unified)
  31. Communist Party of Turkey
  32. Communist Party of Ukraine 

Other Parties

  1. Pole of Communist Revival, France
  2. Galizan People’s Union (UPG)
  3. Party of Communists USA