The latest issue of ICR released

The 8th issue of the International Communist Review featuring the position of women in modern capitalist society has been released

ICP, 11 April 2018

The International Communist Review released its 8th issue which is "dedicated to the necessary specialized work of the CPs amongst salaried and unemployed women, urban and rural self-employed women, young women from working class, popular families." 

In the editorial note it is stated that in the contemporary conditions, the form of the double oppression of women, class and gender, is not equivalent to that at the beginning of the previous century. Capitalism has an interest in perpetuating inequality, as it is a source of additional profit, increases the rate of exploitation, facilitates political manipulation. 

In the articles of the journal, there is an attempt to highlight the experience of the CPs in order to reinforce the participation of women in the class struggle and promote them in the organs of the labour-people's movement. The content of the latest ICR issue is as follows:

The class character of the women question and its development. The responsibilities of the CPs for the emancipation of women by Eleni Mpellou, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE

Communists and the emancipation of women: a debate with bourgeois and petty-bourgeois feminism currents by Commission for the Women’s Emancipation of the Communist Party of Mexico’s Central Committee

The role of Communist Parties in organising women workers, unemployed women, urban and rural self-employed women, young and old by Bulelwa Tunyiswa, South African Communist Party Central Committee member

The socio-economic situation of women in the conditions of capitalist restoration

Against conservatism and liberalism: Women’s emancipation and struggle in Turkey by Özlem Aydın, Communist Party of Turkey, Women Bureau

100 years of women's liberation Soviet Central Asia, as well as regression and enslavement during the period of the establishment of capitalism

Women and Workers' movement in Italy by the Female Department of the CC of the Communist Party (Italy)

Women in Russia and their involvement in social struggles, protests and in the class struggle by Vasilina Fedorova, member of Central Committee, Communist Workers’ Party of Russia

Women, class and socialism: The struggle for the emancipation of women in Ireland

Marxism and the Struggle for Women’s Emancipation in Contemporary India by Brinda Karat (Member, Polit Bureau, Communist Party of India-Marxist )


The position of women in capitalist Hungary

The class character of the struggle for women's emancipation in capitalism. The situation in Spain. by Raúl Martínez, member of the Political Bureau of the CC of the PCPE Marina Quintillán, Secretary of the Department of Women's Liberation of the CC of the PCPE

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