An international vanguard for working class women

20 Communist and Workers Parties met at Athens for the seminar themed : "Women’s inequality in the EU and the rest of the capitalist world. The struggle of the communists”

ICP, 17 November 2016

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) delegation to the European Parliament hosted a seminar themed  “Women’s inequality in the EU and the rest of the capitalist world. The struggle of the communists” on the 10 and 11 November 2016, in  Athens.
This seminar reported to be aiming to open up a discussion amongst the CPs for the necessity and the content of specialized work amongst women, as, despite the significant participation of women in wage labour, there is not the corresponding participation in the labour and trade union movement, even more so in the communist movement.
The discussion is planned to engage with the ideological and political intervention of the CPs concerning the woman question in the contemporary conditions of the sharpening of the offensive of the bourgeois governments, the EU and other imperialist inter-state unions, of the bourgeois classes in every country. In addition, the specialization of work amongst women is expected to contribute to the building of the CPs in the working class, to strengthening their militant bonds with it, the popular strata and youth, and how this is expressed in recruitment.  At the seminar, there will be an exchange of views about the intervention in the radical women’s movement, i.e. the women’s movement with an antimonopoly-anticapitalist orientation, and also in the labour and trade union movement.
The seminar was opened by the MEP of the KKE, Sotiris Zarianopoulos and, Eleni Mpellou, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE, delivered the introductory speech. 

During her introductory speech Eleni Mpellou,  emphasised on “the need to prepare a vanguard of communist women, utilizing the practical example of the communist women in social, political activity, in the workplaces, universities, in the family.”

Coming from varying historical backgrounds, the participating CPs emphasized the vitality to have a working class attitude in the women’s struggle, while the importance to build up a strong accumulation of cadres in the party was also mentioned to be non-negligable.

After the seminar, the delegates of the CPs attended to the congress held for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of OGE, the Greek Women’s Federation. 

20 Communist and Workers Parties have stated their participation in the Seminar:
1. CP of Venezuela
2. Union of Communists in Bulgaria
3. Party of Bulgarian Communists
4. Brazilian CP
5  ΚΚΕ
6. CP of India
7. CP of India (M)
8. Workers Party of Ireland
9. CP of the Peoples of Spain
10. CP, Italy
11. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
12. Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
13. Socialist Party of Latvia
14. CP of Mexico
15. South African Communist Party
16. Hungarian Workers Party
17. Communist Workers Party of Russia
18. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
19. CP of Sweden
20. CP, Turkey