Hasta Siempre Comandante Fidel Castro

Farewell messages to Fidel from the Communist Parties of the World: The European Initiative,CPI (M), CPI, KP, KSCM, MUNKASPART, NKPJ, AKEL, SLFRONTAS, DKP, KKE, PCItaly, CPI, PSL, PTB, PRCF, CPA, PCP, KPiD, CPUSA, PCRF, WPI, PRC, TUDEH, CPSU [Ru], PCP [Ar], PCC [Es], CPA [Ru], PADS [Fr]

ICP, 26 November 2016

The European Communist Initiative:

Message of condolences by the Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative for the loss of  Fidel Castro, addressed to the CP of Cuba:

"The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative expresses its warmest and sincere condolences with the CC of the CP of Cuba and the Cuban people regarding the death of their historical leader, the head of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Cde Fidel Castro was one of the greatest figures of the international communist movement. He combined the dream of Cuban people about sovereignity with the fight for socialism and made a special contribution to the organization and prevalence of the socialist revolution, to the construction of socialism, to the implacable struggle against the capitalist system.

Cde Fidel was a great protagonist in the struggle of the Cuban people and the victory of the Cuban Revolution, with the assistance of the USSR and the other socialist countries and the active internationalist solidarity of the peoples, despite the adverse conditions of the longstanding embargo, the armed intervention and the constant conspiracies of imperialism.  Socialism demonstrated in a short time span in Cuba as well its great superiority, with unprecedented gains that even today are an unreachable dream for the workers in the capitalist world.  With his contribution, cde Fidel led the struggle of the working class of Cuba to construct a society and a power which is not based on exploitation and capitalist profit. He made a significant contribution to the international communist movement, to the revolutionary vigilance against the enemies of socialism, such as the USA and EU, which constantly seek to undermine the socialist development path in Cuba.

The European Communist Initiative addresses a final message of greetings to cde Commandante Fidel Castro and expresses its full solidarity with the struggle of the Cuban people." 


Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI (M):

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

"Commandant-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, outstanding leader of the Cuban revolution, staunch internationalist and architect of socialism is no more.

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) pays its respectful homage to the memory of this towering revolutionary figure who did so much to shape the revolutionary movements in the second half of the 20th century.

Fidel Castro brilliantly led the revolutionary uprising against the hated Batista regime in Cuba. The Cuban revolution which succeeded in 1959 became the first socialist revolution in the western hemisphere. Under his dynamic leadership Cuba emerged from the shackles of semi-colonialism and slavery and built a society where tremendous strides were made to create a socially just society with universal education, health care, food provisioning, women’s rights and racial equality.Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro as President of the Cuban State and as the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba provided the leadership for this revolutionary transformation.

Fidel Castro, the intrepid revolutionary, drew the ire of the biggest imperialist power, the USA, just 90 miles away. For five decades, Fidel Castro led Cuba in fighting off the various conspiracies to destroy socialist Cuba including the efforts to physically eliminate him. Cuba continues to valiantly resist the economic blockade imposed by the US.

The Cuban revolution became a beacon light for all revolutionary and progressive movements in Latin America and inspired the Left advances there. Fidel Castro became a revolutionary icon for the third world countries and inspired generations of young people. He played a leading role in the Non-Aligned Movement.

Under Fidel’s leadership the Cuban revolution undertook an internationalist role which was truly remarkable. Fidel dispatched the Cuban armed forces to help the struggle against colonialism and imperialism in Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. Under his leadership Cuba continued to render internationalist service by sending doctors and teachers to various third world countries.

Fidel Castro proved to be a creative practitioner of Marxist theory and practice. He emerged as the most eloquent champion of socialism in the second half of the 20th century.

In his passing away an era has ended. But his revolutionary legacy will endure. His life and example will continue to inspire revolutionaries and progressives all over the world in times to come.

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) dips the Red Banner in homage to him.


Communist Party of India (CPI):

CPI Express Deep Sorrow On the Passing Away of Com. Fidel Castro

Press Release

National council of the CPI received with deep grief and sorrow the news of demise of Com. Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban Revolution and inspiration for all generations of revolutionaries world over. 
Com. Fidel Castro along with Com. Che Guevara and other revolutionaries led the Cuban revolution and overthrew Batista regime in 1959 and established the first socialist country in the Western hemisphere of the world. Despite the frequent attempts on his life and despite the continuous sinister campaigns and interventions including economic blockade by U.S. imperialism, Com. Fidel Castro played a historic role in building the modern socialist Cuba, which is free from illiteracy, hunger and illness. Com. Fidel Castro was great Marxist thinker and a legendary revolutionary fighter.
He was great friend of Indian Communist movement and India. He played remarkable role in the non-aligned movement giving it a new orientation. 
His demise is not just a loss for Cuba but for the whole world and for all revolutionary movements.
The National Council, on behalf of all the party members and Indian people conveys its heartfelt condolences to the Communist Party of Cuba and Cuban people. It reiterates its commitment to carry forward the heroic and revolutionary heritage of Com. Fidel Castro.

Office Secretary


Communist Party, Turkey (KP):

"We have received the news regarding the death of the Great Commander of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro Ruz. We are in deep grief.

We have just lost one of the greatest heroes of humanity who was raised in the twentieth century. The Cuban Revolution in 1959 was the most distinctive segment of the epoch of socialist revolutions which was started by the 1917 Russian Revolution.

The victory of the Revolution with the guidance of Fidel’s strategic wisdom was crowned with the construction of socialism. At every moment, in each stage of the construction process, the deep comprehension, foresight and leadership talent of the commander-in-chief was involved. His touch could be traced in every detail.  In the eyes of the Cuban people the only hero who made history and was known to be remembered for centuries long before his death, was Fidel. The modesty of his, which is mainly motivated by commitment, characterized all the revolutionary leaders following Fidel. This trait made them an integral part of the Cuban people and played a big role in the consolidation of the Cuban Revolution.

Fidel’s role was unique in transferring the message of the Cuban Revolution in an universal scale, transcending the borders of a tiny Caribbean island. He was the one who made the most effort to inspire the Cuban socialism by inscribing José Martí’s phrase “homeland is the humanity” . Under his leadership the Cuban socialism, not only inspired the people struggling against poverty, exploitation and imperialist aggression, but also became universal by offering generous support to every corner of the world. 

Now, in his absence, the Cuban people will carry on the path of socialism not by attaching its destiny to a leader’s physical presence, but by preserving the achievements of that leader’s lifelong struggle. . 

And we, the members of the international communist movement in Turkey, will fulfill our duty in our region to realize Fidel’s farewell words for Che:

“Dear commander, until the victory, forever!”

Communist Party, Turkey"


Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM):

Condolences on the Death of Fidel Castro

"Let me express my deep sadness for comrade Fidel Castro, president and freedom fighter of the Cuban people.
I also express my condolences to the Cuban people and to all who will never forget Fidel Castro."

 Vojtech Filip, Chairman of the UV KSCM


Hungarian Workers' Party (MUNKASPART):

"Hasta La Victoria Sempre! 
According to the Cuban News Agency Communication of 25 November, Fidel Castro Ruz, the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, died at the age of 90.
Fidel Castro Ruz was one of the legendary personalities of the Cuban and the international communist and workers' movement. In 1959, revolutionaries overthrew Cuban dictatorship which was supported by a group of Americans, gained independence and launched socialism in Cuba. For decades he has successfully defended the Cuban revolution and the Cuban socialism against the USA's military, economic and political attacks. Under his leadership, full employment, free health care and free education have been created for the Cuban people.
Fidel Castro Ruz was a friend to the Hungarian people and the Hungarian workers all throgh the decades of socialism in Hungary. After 1989, he followed the Labour Party's struggle and welcomed the Labour Party delegation multiple times.
Fidel Castro Ruz's death is a loss to the labor movement and progressive forces of the world. A loss for us as Hungarian working people as well.

We mourn for the  historic leader, our friend and our comrade of the Cuban revolution! "


New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) :

"Comrade Fidel Castro, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, stepped into eternity. In the ninth decade of his life on 25 November 2016 in Havana, the rich and fruitful life of the revolutionary Fidel Castro ended.
With the death of Fidel Castro the brightest star of Latin America fell, leaving behind a visible trail as a guide to the roads leading for a true human happiness.

His life was full of struggle against capitalist exploitation, racial and national hatred and social inequality. Name of Fidel Castro has become a symbol of the heroic struggle of the people of Cuba against imperialism, the symbol of the constuction of socialism in Cuba and the symbol of change and resistance against the domination by foreign powers throughout Latin America.
With the death of Fidel Castro humanity loses a fighter who stubbornly fought for the principles of freedom and justice. Fidel was a fighter who has his whole life to the triumph of freedom and human dignity. He won all the battles in which he participated. He lost only the last - the one against death.
Fidel is undoubtedly a great historical figure in the noblest and highest sense of the word. The man who understood the needs of men. The character and work of Fidel Castro have undoubtedly a bright page in the history of mankind and compelling roadmap that illuminates horizons for future generations.  He was not only a great warrior, and a revolutionary but also a great thinker. On behalf of all the peoples of the world,  he has been a lasting inspiration or humanity with his principles.
As Commander Fidel Castro said, "with all those who are struggling, who never give up when it comes to the difficulties, those who believe in the human capacity to create, expand and cultivate values ​​and ideas, those who bet in mankind; all those who share the wonderful conviction that a better world is possible, we will fight together with them and we will win!"
The Commander Fidel will always remain in the hearts of all those who fight for justice and freedom, because of their heroic achievements and superhuman effort to defend freedom, the sovereignty of their country and the dignity of man.
Dear Comrade Fidel, you will be always with us and be woven to every victory in the progress of mankind.
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia will send a telegram of condolence to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba Communist Youth League of Cuba, as well as the Embassy of socialist Cuba in Belgrade."

Secretariat NKPJ


The Progressive Party of the Working People (AKEL): 

The Central Committee of the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) expressed its sorrow for the death of the leader of the Cuban people and of the revolution, Fidel Castro.
"Only few leaders like Fidel Castro left imprints in the world history. As the leader of the revolution of the Cuban people he leaded not only the titanic effort in establishing the Republic and Socialism in Cuba but also the struggle to confront with the imperialist methodology which was waged against the revolution of the Cuban people.
The remarkable successes of iCuban people in the fields of health, education, social welfare, athletics and civilization were attained through his inspired leadership and his deep dedication in the humanist values of peace, internationalism and socialism.
The General Secretary of CC of AKEL, Andros Kyprianou, has sent to Raul Castro, the brother of Fidel Castro and the present leader of Cuba, a condolence telegram addressing the sincere and comradely condolences both to him and the fraternal people of Cuba, who is fighting with dignity for national and popular sovereignty under extremely tough conditions; to the people who, today has become poorer due the loss of the leader of the revolution."


Socialist People's Front, Lithuania (SLFRONTAS):

"On November 25, Fidel Castro, the famous socialist revolutionary who led Cuban Revolution in 1959, died. After the revolution and the overthrow of ruthless Batista regime, Fidel Castro led the Cuban Communist Party and the Government for many years. He had to face many challenges many times like attempts to kill him and his loved ones.
The US government launched an economic embargo on Cuba, the CIA and other US secret service agents engaged in sabotage, instigated riots and tried to bring together the armed underground groups. But the Cuban government has held out and pursued a consistent working people's welfare recovery program.
Under the leadership of F.Kastro, there have been many changes in Cuba, as introducing an advanced, free higher education system, introduced free and effective health care system, curbing the booming Batista during the reign of poverty. The oligarchs and corrupt politicians escaped from Cuba, for fear of retribution for their committed crimes and exploiting the Cuban working people for many years.
Fidel Castro reached the age of 90 years last summer. In the last decade, Cuba has been led by his younger brother Raul Castro. The strong position of the Castro brothers have contributed to the success of the Cuban socialist management. Castro maintained friendly relations with many world-famous socialist, fighters against American imperialism -with Kadhafi, Mr Chávez, Morales, Ch. Muchika D. Rusef, Ortega and other strong fighters for socialist ideals.
His and other Cuban leaders support for vanguard socialists has always been decisive. Fidel Castro left a very bright trace in recent history, he threw an open challenge to capitalist hegemony, he and his associates met the first Latin American region Socialist revolution and successfully ruled Cuba for many years.
Giedrius Grabauskas


Communist Party of Germany (DKP):

DKP mourns for Fidel Castro

"The revolution of equality and solidarity is still alive

The German Communist Party (DKP), its friends and its members mourn together with millions of people around the world for Fidel Castro, the revolutionary leader of Cuba. éThanks to Fidel and the Communist Party of Cuba, the Cuban revolution has created a social equality that is only possible in socialism," said Patrik Köbele, chairman of the DKP, on Saturday.

This indicates the trace of the revolution and the place of Fidel Castro in the 20th century

DKP is on the side of the Cuban people, which has supported it politically since its inception and in the most difficult years. Our special greetings in these days of the state is the family of Fidel, his brother Raúl Castro and the whole Cuban people.

Köbele highlighted in a letter to the Communist Party of Cuba that the DKP "is also with all those who have either the privilege to meet Fidel personally or have inspired themselves with his ideas. Here in ancient Europe, we feel the same pain and bow to this great comradeship and man who has a place in the history of mankind. "

The Cuban revolution has cleansed from the directives of US imperialism with the Batista dictatorship and subservience. All Cubans, regardless of skin color, social status, religious or political attitudes, have access to education, politics, and a health system that is not only in Latin America.

These elements have brought Cuba into the 21st century, thanks in particular to the political foresight of the Cuban leadership around Fidel and Raúl Castro. Even after his illness, ten years ago, Fidel did not cease to make  political contributions to the updating of Cuban socialism. This is why, the Communist Party of Cuba, at its congress, has described the work of Fidel Castro as its guide alongside Marxism-Leninism and the thought of José Martís. That is why Cuba is still at the side of the oppressed world and provides solidarity wherever it is necessary - regardless of political orientation. Patrik Köbele noted: "Cuba's place today also remains a place of internationalism. The liberation of various African states, as well as the support in the medical, humanitarian and health sectors in countless regions of the world, is an act of tenderness among the peoples that represents solidarity. "


Communist Party of Greece (KKE):

Statement on the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro

In its statement on the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, the Central Committee of the KKE noted:

«The CC of the KKE, with great sadness, bids farewell to the legendary figure of the international communist movement, the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro.

We express our most sincere condolences to the President of Cuba, Raul Castro, the CC of the CP of Cuba and to the entire Cuban people.

Fidel Castro was born in Birán, Cuba, on the 13th of August 1926 and studied law at Havana University. As a student he began to participate in the revolutionary movement against the Batista dictatorship in Cuba, a dictatorship which was also openly supported by the USA.

On the 26th of July 1953, he was the head of a group of revolutionaries that attacked the military barracks of Moncada, with the aim of encouraging the people of the island to rise up against the dictatorship. The attempt failed and he and his comrades were arrested, however the 26th of July marked the beginning of a great popular uprising against the dictatorial regime of Fulgencio Batista.

Faced by his accusers, on the 6th of October 1953, in the courtroom of Santiago in Cuba, Fidel Castro said: "I know that imprisonment will be harder for me than it has ever been for anyone, filled with cowardly threats and hideous cruelty. But I do not fear prison, as I do not fear the fury of the miserable tyrant who took the lives of 70 of my comrades. Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me."

The court sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

On the 15th of May 1955, Castro was released and at the beginning of July he departed for Mexico, where he organized and militarily trained a group of revolutionaries, from whose ranks emerged all the great leaders of the Cuban Revolution, such as Camillo Cienfuegos, Juan Almeida and Ernesto Che Guevara.

The revolutionaries began their rebellion in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra and the revolutionary army that was formed was based on the systematic political-military preparation, which had been begun by the 26th of July Movement under F. Pais, the Popular Socialist Party, as the CP of Cuba had been named, and the Revolutionary Directory comprised of revolutionary students. It was based on that activity of organized forces in the cities, on the clandestine work developed by the communists in the workplaces, farmers and youth. This preparation of the working class and the other popular strata contributed decisively to the victorious outcome of the revolutionary struggle. These were also the main forces that were then united into the Integrated Revolutionary Organizations, which led to the reconstitution of the CP of Cuba in 1965.

On the 1st of January 1959, the people's guerilla army of Cuba entered Havana triumphantly, after the long struggle of the people of Cuba against the Batista dictatorship, which was supported by the USA. The Cuban Revolution demonstrated that imperialism is not invincible and immediately found the full support of the Soviet Union and the then socialist countries.

Two years and 4 months after the Revolution, the Cuban people, guided by its leadership and by Castro himself, repelled the invasion and landing of 1,400 mercenaries sent by the US government at the Bay of Pigs in Giron,.

At the large demonstration on the 16th of April 1961, at the funeral of those killed by the air raids (shortly before the landing of the CIA mercenaries), Fidel Castro for the first time declared the socialist character of the Revolution. For decades Fidel Castro as the President of Cuba and the head of the CP of Cuba, led the struggle of the people of the country to construct socialism, in the difficult conditions of imperialist aggressiveness and encirclement and particularly after the counterrevolution in the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries in 1989-1991.

Fidel Castro leaves a valuable legacy for the international communist movement and particularly for the Cuban people, in the struggle they are still waging today against the US embargo that continues and against all the efforts to undermine the socialist development path, efforts in which the USA and the EU are playing a leading role.

Fidel Castro will forever live on in the historical memory and collective consciousness of the peoples of the entire world, of the oppressed, in the struggle for the liberation of humanity from the exploitation of man by man, for the final victory, for socialism-communism.

Hasta la victoria siempre!»


Communist Party, Italy (PC, Italy):

"Forever onward towards victory, Commander! 

We have recently learned of the passing of Commander Fidel Castro. We hereby extend our fraternal regards to the Communist Party of Cuba and the people of Cuba, on the occasion of this great loss that has affected both the Cuban nation and the entire international communist movement.

The warrior who freed Cuba from capitalist exploitation and US imperialist yoke with a handful of men, has passed away. The leader who was able to go on with the shaping of a socialist society after the counter-revolutionary events in the USSR and Eastern Europe, and in spite of the infamous American “economic bloc”; the leader who was able to provide his people with free healthcare, free education and social rights, has passed away. The undaunted anti-imperialist revolutionary, the friend of every oppressed people from South America to Africa, has passed away.

A Man has passed away, not the great ideal of communism. We are convinced that the ideas of Fidel Castro, the ideas of communists, are more relevant than ever, in the face of the capitalist crisis, the ever-growing exploitation, the compression of the rights and living conditions of workers and the rise of new and greater contradictions within the capitalist system on a global level. With this spirit, we reaffirm our profound support to the socialist cause and to socialist Cuba. The name of Fidel will live on the pages of history, along with the great revolutionaries of the past and, surely, those of the future. Comrade Fidel, we shall continue our struggle in your name. Forever onward towards victory, Commander!"


Communist Party of Ireland (CPI):

Death of Fidel Castro:
"The Communist Party of Ireland expresses it great sadness at the death of Fidel Castro. The Communist Party of Ireland sends its sincere condolences to his family. We pledge our ongoing solidarity with the Cuban people and the Cuban Revolution.

Fidel Castro "the commander in chief of the Cuban revolution” was an outstanding revolutionary leader who not alone led his people to victory in Cuba, but became a symbol of resistance for millions of oppressed peoples and nations. Born in 1926 to a prominent landowner in Holguín Province, Cuba, Fidel went on to lead Cuba’s revolutionary independence movement,defeating the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959, leading to the building of a socialist society. 

The revolutionary government and people led by Fidel began the long and difficult process of transforming a a backward and underdeveloped country which had been occupied and dominated for centuries into a beacon of hope, a society that ended illiteracy, provided free medical care to all its citizens and work for all its people. Cuba is now a country with one of the most advanced bio-tech industries in the world, leading in the way in the development of new drugs in the treatment of cancer, meningitis and other areas.

In a true international spirit Cuba is willing to share its achievements. It's literacy program, so successful at home, is credited with having taught millions to read outside of Cuba. Cuban doctors and educational specialists now work in volunteer brigades providing badly needed medical and educational services to millions across the world, especially in those facing medical emergencies. They were the first on the ground in response to the earthquake in Haití, and again in the cholera epidemic and after Hurricane “Matthew”. They have been lauded for their "heroic" contribution to combating the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. 

The success of the Cuban revolution and the threat of “a good example” that it posed to western imperialist domination has resulted in 50 years of a hostile blockade imposed by successive US governments. Cuba defeated the “Bay of Pigs” invasion and survived fifty years of an unremitting blockade imposed by the US, thanks initially to the support of the Soviet Union. Fidel himself has survived hundreds of assassination attempts organised and planned by the CIA.

When the South African apartheid regime invaded Angola in 1987 the Cuban revolutionary armed forces played a decisive role in defeating the invading army at the battle of Cuito Cuanavale. This marked the turning point of the war and the beginning of the end of the apartheid regime. As Fidel said “Cuba is not only a Latin American country. It is a Latin African country.”

In their struggle against North American domination the peoples of Latin America could see in Cuba an example of courage and resistance. Their struggle has won many notable victories, notably the election of Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela in 1998. This provided much relief to the Cuban people who had suffered severely from the blockade in the years following the defeat of Socialism in the Soviet Union. Further advances throughout the continent led to the establishment of CELAC, unifying the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has left and indelible mark on the struggle for social justice and for freedom. He was an outstanding revolutionary leader and intellectual thinker. A man of great culture and a deep love for humanity. History has absolved him.
The struggle of the Cuban people and all peoples for independence, progress and socialism will be forever associated with the name of Fidel Castro."


Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL):

Fidel Castro dies, great revolutionary and leader of Cuban Revolution

"A giant of a man, great revolutionary leader of Cuba and the world, Fidel Castro has died. His long life was testament to his determination to struggle, surviving hundreds of U.S. assassination attempts because they so feared his example. Fidel fought without letup for his people, for revolution, for socialism.

His legacy will endure because he leaves a strong country of true revolutionaries, people who have given of themselves countless times as medical workers, as teachers, as construction workers, as combatants, all for humanity. He leaves people throughout the world who learned by his example, who fight for justice because of Fidel and Cuba’s Revolution.

I know I express the sorrow of so so so many people. I am very saddened by Fidel’s death. Deepest condolences to all the Cuban people. Fidel lives on. And I know my comrades are proud to have always stood by Fidel’s and Raul’s and the Cuban people’s side."

Gloria La Riva


Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB):

Fidel Castro lives no more, but his inspiration rests still
"Fidel Castro is dead on this November 25. Him, who managed the Cuban Revolution beside his friend Che Guevara, has dedicated his life to drive away the dictatorship from his country, to fight with the whole power of the USA, and to build solidarity among peoples of the world.
Fidel Castro lives no more. After having managed with Che Guevara the revolution of the Cuban people against dictator Batista, he didn’t quit to deal with new big challenges: construction of a better society, adoption of free education and free healthcare for all Cubans, international solidarity of Latin America and South Africa, and pioneer struggle for durable development against global warming .
He has become the symbol of Cuba, this little island which is far away from being perfect but which has managed to resist against the USA, just like Astérix against the Roman Empire. And which has tended to build another type of society, more egalitarian and based on solidarity and cooperation.
Today, Cuba is not a paradise on the world, but Cuba is neither “America’s bordello” as it used to be before 1959 under dictator Batista. No one dies from malnutrition or from infectious diseases  (for example tuberculosis) as it happens in neighbour countries – like Haiti –, illiteracy has been eradicated and mortality rate for children is even lower than the American neighbour... With Fidel, Cuba played a key role in the collapse of the racist apartheid system in South Africa. Not surprising that Nelson Mandela’s first visit after his release was to Cuba, with these words pronounced: “Cuban people occupy a particular place in the hearts of African peoples. Cuban internationalists have carried out a contribution to independence, freedom, and justice in Africa without preceding their principles and their disinterested character.”
Cuba inspired peoples in their freedom struggle against colonialism and neocolonialism, she contributed to the unity of Latin America (as we saw yet with signing of the peace treaty in Colombia).
Fidel Castro was also one of the first to raise alert against global warming and to point the thirst for profit which stays in its base.
Fidel Castro is dead, but his struggle for another society continues. For building it, Cubans always have this tool, this affection of the peoples, solidarity. And our support for removing the economic blocade of the USA at last."


Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France (PRCF):

PRCF, in its letter of condolence for Fidel, stated the following:
"The President Raul Castro has announced the sad news of passing away of Fidel Castro. The communists, the real progressivists are in mourning but the media watchdogs of anticommunism and anti-Castrisme are barking in all bourgeois and so-called public radios.
For the secretary general of the PRCF, expressing the common feelings of its members, it is certain that 25 November 2016 is going to remain as a black day for the Socialist Cuba, for the International Communist Movement and for all the struggling peoples and all the real communists.

Salutations to Raul, to the communists and the people of Cuba, to the Ambassador of Cuba and to the Ambassador of Bolivarian Venezuela in France, to all the revolutionaries who shed tears for Fidel and who honor his memory by intensifying the anti-imperialist struggle. The PRCF, which was the driving force to organize a solidarity meeting for Cuba with the others in St. Denis [in suburban Paris] on November 2005, reminds the words of its founder president, the real communist Georges Hage: ‘In our era, all the progressivists have two motherlands: Their own and the Socialist Cuba!’
Honor to Fidel, one of the greatest patriot revolutionaries and internationalists that the World has upbrought! Honor to this incomparable passenger of the revolutionary history, in the dark night of the counter-revolution, that passed us the torch of the French Revolution, that of Toussaint Louverture, that of the Paris Commune, that of the October Revolution, that of Stalingrad, those of the Chinese, Cuban, Vietnamese, African revolutions in 20th century and that of whose evocative name thrills us with the immortal words of justice ‘The ones who live are the ones who struggle”(Victor Hugo)"

For the full text see the link


Communist Party of Albania (CPA):

Message from the Communist Party of Albania to the Communist Party of Cuba [Es]

"Bitterly waited for news of the death of revolutionary Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, leader of the Republic of Cuba successfully for nearly half a century.

Communist Party of Albania appreciates the consistent attitude of Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolution and the defense of his particular fight against imperialism is the most ferocious as American imperialism, to protect the freedom and independence of his country.

By conveying our condolences for the loss of Commander Fidel Castro, Communists and revolutionaries wish you the following Cuban Commander on their way to a Cuba free, independent and prosperous, as a model for all the peoples of the American continent."

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Albania

Tirana, 26 November 2016


Portuguese Communist Party (PCP):

In the demise of Fidel Castro [Pt]

Press Statement by Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary of the PCP

"On the demise of comrade Fidel Castro, the Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party expresses its deep sorrow and conveys to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and through it to all the communists, the people of Cuba, to comrade Raúl Castro and the rest of Fidel's family, heartfelt condolences and solidarity of the Portuguese communists.

In this moment of sadness for the communists, revolutionaries and progressive people from all over the world, the PCP pays tribute to his exceptional figure as a patriot and communist revolutionary, evoking the example of a life fully devoted to the ideals of freedom, peace and socialism in which, with his comrades in arms, in an epic that went from Moncada and the heroic guerrilla of the Sierra Maestra, liberated Cuba from a cruel dictatorship and, facing the aggression and blockade of the US, united and mobilised the creative energy of the workers and the people to build a new society liberated from imperialist exploitation and oppression, a socialist society, in solidarity with the liberating struggle of all the peoples of the world. Fidel's struggle, action and inspired word have encouraged and will continue to encourage the struggle of progressive and revolutionary forces on all continents.

Fidel leaves us at a time when, after important advances of sovereignty and social progress in Latin America and the Caribbean, inseparable from Cuba's example and internationalist solidarity, imperialism and reaction went on the counter-attack, seeking at all costs to reverse achievements and recover lost positions. But it is our deep conviction that, with confidence on the role of the popular masses and their organised struggle, and inspired by the example of Fidel and the Cuban Revolution, the imperialist projects will be defeated.

The best way to honour comrade Fidel Castro's memory is to continue the struggle for the ideals and project to which he devoted himself to the end of his life, is to strengthen solidarity with Cuba and its socialist revolution demanding unconditional respect for the sovereignty of the Island of Liberty, the immediate end of the criminal North American blockade and the devolution of Guantanamo to the Cuban people."

26th November 2016


Communist Party in Denmark (KPiD):

Fidel Castro Ruz in memoriam 

"It was with great sorrow we received the message that the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz has died.

Comrade Fidel was the leading figure in the victorious revolution in Cuba and became a symbol for the struggle of all revolutionary and progressive people in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and all over the World. He will be missed but never forgotten.

The Communist Party in Denmark, KPiD, offers its deep condolences to Fidel's family, to the Communist Party of Cuba, and to the Cuban people.

We are confident that the Cuban people under the leadership of the Communist Party will continue Fidel’s work for the building of a strong socialist Cuba and a peaceful world."

The CC of the Communist Party in Denmark, KPiD


Communist Party of USA (CPUSA):

Always in our hearts, Fidel Castro, presente! 

Statement of the National Committee Communist Party USA on the death of Fidel Castro.

The Communist Party USA joins with millions of people around the world in mourning the passing of our dear comrade, Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution, leader of the heroic Cuban people and inspiration to fighters for national liberation and socialism the world over.

Comrade Fidel not only led the Cuban government, he was twice elected head of the Non-Aligned Nations organization.

He fought U.S. imperialism in so many ways—political, military, economic and ideological. Transitioning the Cuban Revolution from a national democratic, anti-imperialist one into a socialist revolution was a world-shaking accomplishment.

Comrade Fidel’s example was a beacon for the cause of socialism, leading the armed rebellion against the corrupt U.S.-supported Batista dictatorship and building a victorious revolutionary movement. That movement included armed rebels, workers in the cities and campesinos in the countryside. The achievements of the Cuban Revolution demonstrate the accomplishments made possible by a determined, persistent, consistent revolutionary working class and people.

Revolutionary Cuba’s literacy campaign wiped out a 25 per cent illiteracy rate, a legacy of colonialism, in just one year. Cuba’s world-class health care system, developed against all odds in a country impoverished by centuries of colonial plunder, rivals or exceeds that of most industrialized nations. Even more, Cuba has trained tens of thousands of doctors to practice in their own underserved countries and regions around the world, including Africa, Latin America, Haiti. We are particularly grateful for the training of close to 200 U.S. doctors now practicing in rural and urban areas across the U.S.

Comrade Fidel always displayed boundless confidence in the power of the Cuban people to overcome even the most daunting challenges. As Cuba faced decades of economic strangulation due to the illegal U.S. blockade and later the loss of its main trading partners in the socialist bloc, Fidel acknowledged the severity of the challenges but inspired the Cuban people that nevertheless they could prevail. When five Cuban patriots collecting information to protect their homeland from terrorists were unjustly imprisoned in the U.S., Fidel assured the Cuban people that the Five would return. It took the heroism of the Five and the unshakeable determination of the Cuban people, an unprecedented worldwide solidarity campaign and diplomatic breakthroughs with the Obama administration, but return they did.

U.S. imperialism’s unrelenting campaign against Comrade Fidel’s leadership and Cuba’s sovereignty, faltered in the face of the heroism of the Cuban people and its Communist Party. The shameful decades-long efforts of the U.S. government to subvert, condemn, and assassinate the Cuban people’s democratically elected leader were thankfully unsuccessful, but thousands died and untold damage was done through these cowardly acts of terrorism.

Fidel, in his last years, retired from the government and devoted himself to writings about world politics, giving special attention to the environmental crises facing the entire world. As in so many fields, Cuba leads the world in sustainable and organic agriculture, recycling, long-range planning. Cuba is showing the world that it is possible to master the challenges facing all humanity.

We pledge to continue the struggle to end the illegal blockade in the face of new challenges from Donald Trump, to build on the friendly relations between our two peoples and parties and to make Comrade Fidel’s vision of a just and humane world a reality. His flexible and consistent leadership will continue to provide a shining light on the direction ahead. The world and its people have lost a champion.

Always in our hearts, we remember Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, presente!


Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF):

PCRF (Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de France) published the following letter of condolence for Fidel:

To the comrade Raul Castro

To the Communist Party of Cuba

To the People of Cuba


Dear comrades,

We’ve learned, with an intense emotion, that Fidel Castro has passed away at his age of ninety.

The comrade Castro has been an example and a source of inspiration for communists and revolutionaries all over the World for more than half century. He dared to confront the biggest imperialist power, the USA, which is a few hundred kilometers away, and proclaim the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution. Under his leadership, the Cuban people did not only knock down a dictatorial, criminal mafia but also gained their dignity and pride. Since 1959, Cuba has constantly suffered from several attacks under the form of sabotage, assassination of cadres, criminal blockade, disembarkation of CIA supported mercenaries, more than six hundred attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro, and an attempted nuclear war blackmail during the crisis called ‘missiles’.
Leading the revolutionary process, the comrade Fidel Castro knew to prepare the Cuban people to confront, while mobilizing them to build a new society, which got rid of one’s exploitation of another. The big success of the Cuban Revolution in health, in education, in construction of an economy based on the satisfaction of peoples’ needs, as well as in democracy, are largely thanks to him.

His memory will stay imperishable for all the peoples who have received the international aids of the Cuban Revolution.
For example, the military help of Cuba when the imperıalism attempted to take advantage of the weak situation of the countries that were born from national independence movements, to impose them puppet governments. All of us remember, for example, the exceptional contribution of the Cuban volunteer soldiers in Angola, which was attacked by the Apartheid Regime for the interests of the USA.  All of us remember, for instance, the exceptional contribution of the volunteers in Venezuela for literacy. For example, medical help, which is greeted everywhere for its quality and effectiveness.
We are sure that the Cuban people will succeed in transforming their sorrow into a source of new achievements in construction of socialism.
More than ever we say: Hasta la victoria, siempre! 
Long live the œuvre of comrade Fidel Castro!

On behalf of the CC of the Revolutionary Communist Party of France

Maurice Cukierman, Secretary General

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Workers’ Party of Ireland (WPI):

Statement on the death of Comrade Fidel Castro                                                                                                                                     

"It is with a sense of deep sadness that the Workers’ Party of Ireland has learned of the death of Comrade Fidel Castro, former President of Cuba and Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution. 

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was President of Cuba for forty nine years. After commanding the revolution which overthrew the dictator, Fulgencio Batista, in 1959, he held the title of Prime Minister until 1976 when he became President of the Council of State and the Council of Ministers.  He became First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in 1965 and led the transformation of Cuba into a revolutionary socialist republic. As President, Comrade Fidel held the position of Commandante of the Cuban military. After a period of ill health he resigned as President in February 2008. 

Prior to the revolution Cuba was effectively a U.S. colony, one of the many countries in Central America and the Caribbean where defiance of the US was unthinkable. Then, on 1st January 1959 the Cuban revolutionary forces, led by Fidel Castro, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos and others entered Havana and Santiago.

The Cuban transition to socialism was rapid and extraordinary, establishing the sovereignty of the people over the land and its resources. By the end of the 1960s the new government had overhauled Cuban society in the interests of its people. Large industries and services were nationalised. Agrarian reform was introduced in which land was no longer a commodity and land speculation was abolished. These measures dealt an immense blow to imperialism and the capitalist class. The Cuban government introduced an exceptionally effective literacy campaign and the introduction of free public education at all levels. Free universal health care was introduced.   

At a time when U.S. hegemony predominated in the region and when progressive movements in Mexico, Nicaragua and Guatemala had been crushed, the Cuban Revolution became a beacon of hope throughout the continent and the world. When Fidel Castro visited Venezuela in January 1959 he was greet by overjoyed masses of people and Salvadore Allende, then a Chilean Senator, stated: “The Cuban Revolution does not belong only to you … we are dealing with the most significant movement ever to have occurred in the Americas.”

 Within months of the revolution the CIA began to arm terrorists and saboteurs inside Cuba. There was CIA-supervised bombing and incendiary raids piloted by Cubans based in the U.S. who were hostile to progress. In March 1960 Eisenhower called for the overthrow of Fidel Castro in favour of a regime "more devoted to the true interests of the Cuban people and more acceptable to the U.S.", supporting "military operation on the island" and "development of an adequate paramilitary force outside of Cuba." U.S. Intelligence reported that popular support for Castro was high, but the U.S. would determine the "true interests of the Cuban people." 

In 1961, in addition to overt and covert terrorist attacks, Kennedy implemented a crushing embargo that effectively barred even food and medicine. The U.S. blockade against Cuba was strengthened over the decades and is the most enduring blockade in history. The punitive U.S. economic, commercial and financial sanctions against Cuba remain in place.

The Cuban people, under the revolutionary leadership of Comrade Fidel Castro, resisted through the decades, all counter-revolutionary measures, paramilitary operations, clandestine subversion, attacks on agriculture, economic warfare involving the use of every possible device to weaken the economic life of Cuba, sabotage, assassination attempts against Fidel and the Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. The U.S. and its allies had underestimated the strength of the Cuban Revolution and the resolve of the Cuban people, through their Communist Party, popular militia and revolutionary mass organisations, to defend their revolution.  

The Cuban Revolution defied all imperialist attempts at intervention and continued to construct a socialist society under the leadership of Fidel and the Communist Party of Cuba. We have witnessed the many achievements of the Cuban Revolution and the great social benefits to the Cuban people.  

Fidel also understood the true nature of socialist internationalism, a solidarity based not on mere words or self-interest but on a genuine ideological commitment to the international communist movement, to the anti-imperialist struggles of all those working to transform the world.  From its sustained practical assistance and support for liberation struggles which included the fight against apartheid in South Africa and the provision of vital military assistance in Angola which involved real sacrifices and which dealt a decisive defeat on the military forces of the apartheid regime in South Africa, socialist Cuba, despite being a small country faced with an economic blockade, has, as part of its extraordinary achievements, constructed a global programme of extensive development aid and humanitarian assistance and has sent thousands of teachers, doctors and medical staff across the world. 

The death of Fidel Castro is a great loss to the Cuban people and to all humanity struggling for a better future. 

The WPI, its membership and leadership, sends sincere condolences to the President and the people of Cuba and to the Communist Party of Cuba at this sad time. Fidel’s name will live on. His inspiration remains with us. We shall renew and strengthen our longstanding solidarity with the Cuban people and the Communist Party of Cuba. We shall redouble our efforts to end the unjust and criminal embargo/blockade. The Cuban Revolution has triumphed over many obstacles and will prevail.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!
Hasta la victoria siempre!

We stand in sympathy and solidarity."

Central Executive Committee 


Revolutionary Communist Party, France (PRC):

Fidel Castro: a great revolutionary is dead

Fidel Castro, the great leader of the Cuban revolution died yesterday. Peoples and revolutionaries across the globe are paying tribute to his memory. We have just lost one of our own, who played a major role in the emancipation and liberation struggles against imperialism, especially the US variety.

Fidel Castro, who helped to establish the Cuban nation by building socialism, has already gone down in history as a revolutionary on this account. The successful Cuban revolution in 1959 turned a small Caribbean island destined to serve as a 'brothel' for the USA, kept in a state of underdevelopment and ruled by a savage dictatorship of pro-American mafiosi, into a cultivated, modern, independent country serving the people. Fidel Castro was the heart and soul of this revolution; for all the peoples of Latin America and beyond he is the man who gave meaning to national liberation struggles. Cuba's internationalist commitment has made it possible for oppressed peoples to vanquish imperialism, including militarily as in Angola, and the extreme poverty it generates. This being so, Cuba and Fidel Castro have been subject to constant violent attacks. From the US armed intervention in the Bay of Pigs ordered by Kennedy in 1961 to the US-imposed blockade that the island has been suffering since 1962 and the hundreds of assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, not to mention all the acts of sabotage, the Cuban people have been spared nothing. We offer our internationalist and communist condolences to the Cuban people and their leaders


Tudeh Party of Iran (TUDEH):

Message of condolence of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran on the passing away of comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, the Leader of Cuban Revolution:

Dear Comrade Raul Castro

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran has received the sad news of the passing away of Comrade Fidel Castro, the Leader of the Cuban Revolution, on 25 November 2016.

With the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro, the world revolutionary movement of communists and progressives has lost a great leader, visionary and tireless fighter against oppression and exploitation. Comrade Fidel was to the end a devoted teacher, a symbol of love for humanity, justice and democracy and an unshakeable inspiration to all those struggling for peace and socialism.  

Comrade Fidel championed the interests of the people of Cuba and all the peoples of the world struggling for peace and social justice. Under his leadership, the Cuban people have demonstrated time and again the true nature of international solidarity.  They have supported the liberation struggle of peoples across the continents for freedom from colonial oppression and the right to determine their own future unhindered by the dictates and interventions of US imperialism.  They have shared across the globe the resources of Cuba released from the grip of private ownership and put at the service of humanity.  

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran salutes Comrade Fidel’s memory and achievements and sends its profound condolences and solidarity to you, to all your family and to the Cuban people and their Communist Party.  We know that Comrade Fidel’s legacy will live as a precious inheritance for all the peoples of the world.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!
Long live international solidarity
Long live socialism!



Russian Communist Workers' Party (CPSU):

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