Communist reflections on the presidential elections in USA (updated)

Party for Socialism and Liberation:

"Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. It is of utmost urgency that all progressive people take to the streets in defense of immigrants, Muslims and people of color, and to advance an alternative vision of working-class unity and solidarity in the struggle against the ravages of neoliberal capitalism. That is the only way to counter Trump’s demagogy, and expose the fact that he has no real program to improve the living conditions for those who are looking to him to bring change.


The far right presents a serious danger, but we will only make the problem worse if we tail behind the Democrats. By mobilizing immediately and independently against the incoming administration, we can prevent the right wing from gaining any additional traction."

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Communist Party of Greece (KKE):

"Both the political forces which today celebrate the victory of Trump as well as those which "cry" for the non-predominance of Clinton, hide that both the two nominations represented exclusively the interests of the american capital and will continue the reactionary, antipeople policy against the american people, as well as the dangerous warmongering policy against other people, especially in our region.
That is confirmed also by the rejection trends of both nominations, which were expressed in the pre-electoral period, within the american people, as well as from the fact that the "Obama" hope ended in dissapointment for large parts of the american people, immigrants, minorities etc.
The people will stop being trapped between "Scylla and Charybdis" when they will engrave their own way, a way of rupture and overthrow with the system which creates poverty, crises, wars"..
Communist Party, Turkey (KP):

"The global crisis of the capitalism keeps getting intensified. All the crisis of capitalism provide a chance for the system to restructure itself. This is the skill enabled this system to survive so far. Apparently there is a link between the crisis and the resolution of the system, yet it cannot be explained with an absolute cause and effect relation. The link, can only be restored between the working class's opportunity to receive the chance to end the system as the sole gravedigger, not any other outsider power.

This is the exact point where the left should position against the intensifying crisis of the system around the world. Apparently it is not a coincidence that it is this very position which is missed by the ones who consider Trump's presidency as the end of the world...


There is no hope without the working class...

The political crisis of the EU, the quest for the imperialist ways form Russia, the presidential elections in USA, the adventures of Erdoğan and AKP in Turkey... Where ever you look, this system keeps to produce dirtiness. Besides, each and every pursuit within the borders of this system will serve the production of this dirtiness.

The reason of dispair is to stay within the borders of this system.

No relief for us until a new world is built...

No hope, but willing the earth to rise on new foundations...


Central Committee, Communist Party, Turkey

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Communist Party of Brazil (PCoB):

"Trump President: A political expression of the reaction and decadence of the USA imperialism


The elected president is a demagogue, right-wing populist, sexist, racist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic magnate with fascist traits. That indicates the increase of a right-wing trend, of the offensive against worker’s and people's rights, a manifestation at the political sphere of the profound structural and systemic crisis of American society, an expression of the impasses of the capitalist-imperialist system and incurable lacerations of American society.

The deepening of the crisis in the United States implies the adoption of even more unpopular policies by the imperialist bourgeoisie and reveals the reactionary character of its institutions. It is false to say that the "anti-politics" or the denial of politics won. In fact, the winner was the rightist policy that exploits a widespread feeling of rejection of institutions. It is also an illusion to assume that Hillary represented a "progressive" side. She was the candidate of the establishment, of the convergence between the Democratic Party and sectors of the Republican.

From the mud in which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are into nothing good can emerge for the peoples.


At a time when disputes between the most reactionary circles of the dominant American classes, concentrated in the domains of the Democratic and Republican parties, are intensifying, the Brazilian Communists reiterate their commitment to the union of peoples, true democrats, progressive and anti-imperialists, in the struggle by national sovereignty, social progress, justice, international law and world peace."

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Portuguese Communist Party (PCP):

"On the elections in the United States of America 

The elections for President, as well as for the Senate and House of Representatives, in the United States of America have displayed the profound problems, contradictions and inequalities which permeate that country's society, and which are expressions of the deepening structural crisis of capitalism that affects in particular the world's biggest imperialist power.

The regrettable show of this election campaign has clearly evidenced the deterioration of the US political system, a fact that cannot be separated from the social crisis and the disillusionment brought about by the Obama Presidency among vast popular sectors, both internally and abroad, defrauding the hopes for change which had been falsely promoted.

Donald Trump's election as US President may deepen even further the reactionary and aggressive foreign policy of the USA, which has been carried out by successive US Administrations, and in which the defeated candidate was a prominent figure. It is therefore of the utmost importance to intensify and broaden the struggle for peace and against imperialist interference and aggressions, namely those carried out by US imperialism.

The PCP expresses its solidarity with the Communists, the progressive sectors and forces of the USA, who continue the struggle for social justice, democracy, progress and peace, exposing the true nature of a system of power that counters the interests of the workers and the people of the USA."


Workers' Party of Ireland:

US establishment’s actions of increasing inequality and racial tension that have created the monster of Trumpism.

Workers’ Party President, Michael Donnelly, has stated that the US establishment only has itself to blame for Donald Trump’s presidential victory. The Workers’ Party President stated: “Donald Trump has astonishingly managed to pose as an anti-establishment figure at a time when many working-class people are angry at decreasing living standards and a rotten corporate media, which unconditionally supports Wall Street, the political establishment and endless war”.

“Trump’s populist right-wing rhetoric was able to strike a chord with voters who are fed up of the status quo and are desperate for change. It would be facile to base Trump’s success on rising racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia within American society. Undoubtedly, there is a dangerous polarisation of American society currently taking place, but this is being fuelled by establishment figures laying the blame for a weak economy at the door of immigration.”

US Capitalism has abjectly failed working-class people through a systematic dismantling of industry and manufacturing. This is fast becoming the driver of radical changes globally within the political system. The gains made by UKIP in Britain and the National Front in France are overwhelmingly in working-class areas, which have been decimated by decades of unemployment and the de-industrialisation process. This was also the case in areas such as Wisconsin and Ohio, which turned their backs on the Democrats as Trump promised to renegotiate trade deals and re-open factories”.

“Trump also managed to capitalise on Clinton’s obsession with war, global interventionism and lust for escalating tension with Russia. The Workers’ Party stands in solidarity with all the minority groups who will today be feeling a great sense of fear and trepidation at what the future holds in store for them under Trump’s regime. We reaffirm our belief that it is the US establishment’s actions of increasing inequality and racial tension that have created the monster of Trumpism”, stated Michael Donnelly.