The 17th IMCWP participants call for struggle against imperialism, fascism and anti-communism

Participants of the 17th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties' (IMCWP) released a joint call for action.

ICP, 5th November 2015 

The joint action statement of the 17th IMCWP participants is as follows:

"The 17th IMCWP calls on the Communist and Workers' parties to develop common and convergent actions on the following basic axes:

  1. International solidarity and support for the working class struggles for the labor, social, trade union, democratic rights of the workers.
  2. Activity against anti-communism, anti-communist attacks, bans and persecution like in Ukraine. Solidarity with persecuted communists and parties.
  3. For the defense of democratic liberties and rights. Against fascism, neo-Nazism, racism, militarism.
  4. Stand in defense of the rights of migrants, people who experience discrimination, minorities and against gender discrimination.
  5. Activity against NATO, nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and the foreign military bases. Initiatives against the NATO summit on 8-9 of July 2016 in Poland.
  6. Struggle against the destruction of environment.
  7. Solidarity with the Palestinian people and the Syrian people and all the Arab peoples facing imperialist threats, interventions, Israeli aggression and occupation, with the victims of imperialist wars, refugees and immigrants.
  8. For the end to the US blockade of Cuba and the abolition of the EU’s common position.
  9. Solidarity with Venezuela and all Latin American people who are struggling against imperialism, oppression and injustice.
  10. Solidarity with forces all over the world that have a progressive and anti-imperialist stand for the will of the oppressed and working people."

​See the link for the press release of the host, Communist Party, Turkey, on the completion of the 17th IMCWP in İstanbul