'We've made our choice! Tax for the millionnaires!'

The Belgium Workers’ Party (BWP) claimed high tax obligations for the rich in opposition with the new tax system

ICP, 1st October 2016

The Belgium Workers’ Party (BWP) has published a call to promote high tax obligations for the rich against the new tax system of the government. In the petition that has organized BWP, the following statement was made:

BWP tries to turn the attention on matters such taxing the rich at least once, something that would be a contribution to the labour force. The government while plundering the small purses, does not touch the big wealth of the rich. Is it not reasonable for the wider shoulders to carry bigger weights? BWP shows the alternative of a more just tax system which would tax the millionaires and relieve the workers and in this and that way shows the address of the real wealth: The millionaires that besides their landed property own millions of Euro in their bank accounts. Taxing the millionaires correponds to an amount of 8 million Euro per year, which shall increase the quality of the education, health system and the public services in general.

The Belgian government, instead, aiming to close the budget deficit is continuously increasing the consumption taxes. These taxes bring everyday more and more, heavier burdens on the workers’ people. A recent survey shows that 85% of the people are in favour of higher taxes fot the capital owners. The current tax system is unjust and the Belgian people is opposing to this injustice.

The trade unions, political parties and student groups on September 29, protested against the tax policies of the government. According to BWP the message of this action is obvious: After two years of governing, the discontent of the people against the political power is still strong. The slogans that were shouted clearly showed the opposition to the political copromises given to the companies and the millionaires. Prime Minister Michel, has no way other than changing the direction of this course.

See the link for the full petition