TKP on upcoming elections in Turkey and the position of communists

The CP of Turkey issued a report titled 'The Reflections of the International Relations Bureau of TKP on Turkey’s June 24 Elections'.

ICP, 31 May 2018

As Turkey enters presidential and parliamentary elections first time in its history, the International Bureau of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a report analysing the snap elections in Turkey, its background and the anticipations regarding the elections. Since President Tayyip Erdogan increasingly became a symbol of aggression not only in Turkey but also in international politics, TKP elaborates the role of Erdogan in Turkish bourgeois politics and his position in the crisis of imperialism. It also discusses the role of the 'left' in the elections in relation to bourgeois alternatives to Erdogan.

Regarding the elections, the report reiterates the position of the communists and says 'TKP has taken an initiative to create a platform for independent communist candidates under the name ““This Social Order Must Change” Platform”. All 17 candidates in the platform are party members who will be running for elections in Turkey’s most populated and industrial 15 provinces. The aim of the platform is to serve as an alternative, to bring hope to and be the voice of the masses, and as the name implies, to revitalize the demand for socialism among them, given the shaking conditions of world capitalism and Turkey’s status in it, TKP considers the socialist option a more valid possibility than ever.'

In the 'The Reflections of the International Relations Bureau of TKP on Turkey’s June 24 Elections', the following questions are answered:

- Why is there a snap election’? What forced AKP and Erdogan to reset the timing of elections?

- What has been the course of Erdogan's relationship with imperialist centers?

 - How does the “post-April 17 referendum” Turkey look like?

- How did bourgeois politics take shape throughout AKP power and what is expected from the presidential elections?

- What has been the TKP’s reaction to the government’s decision of snap elections and how was the electoral campaign of communists shaped?

- Where does the “Left” stand in this scene of the preconstruction of the snap polls? Does TKP stand alone on its path?

- What to expect after the elections?

To read the full report, see the link.