RKRP-CPSU: 'Down with capitalism proliferating wars! The future of mankind can only be socialist!

Russian Communist Workers’ Party - Communist Party of the Soviet Union (RKRP-CPSU) assessed the imperialist escalation and the position of communists.

ICP, 19 April 2018

The Political Council of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party - Communist Party of the Soviet Union (RKRP-CPSU) issued a statement on April 16th regarding its position on the escalation of imperialist war. Under the title ‘Down with capitalism proliferating wars! The future of mankind can only be socialist!’, the statement evaluated the cases of Skripal provocation followed by the attack towards Syria, determening the imperialist rivalry and the position that must be taken by communists.

According to the statement, US-NATO imperialism which is escalating its challenge towards the strengthened capitals of Russia and the People’s Republic of China, has decided to turn the spring of 2018 into ‘a spring of military hysteria and the escalation of military danger’. ‘A new stage in the aggravation of this inter-imperialist struggle is connected with the fact that after the destruction of the USSR at the end of the last century, the seemingly unipolar world has become again multipolar’. RKRP identified the battle between these poles as a a pursuit to control and exploit the resources of the former Soviet republics, as well as to maintain dominance and influence in the countries previously being allied to the USSR such as Cuba, Vietnam, Libya, Syria, etc..

The statement reminded that the imperialists try to avoid remembering the spring exactly one hundred years ago when the Russian proletariat, by winning political power in 1917 with a revolutionary way out of the First World War, had thereby presented a revolutionary example to the proletarians of Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918. It said, ‘Without these revolutions in Russia and Germany, the imperialists would destroy people long before the complete victory of one bandit over another’.

It was pointed out in the statement that the present inter-imperialist confrontation with provocations such as the Skripal incident and the arrogant shelling of the territory of sovereign Syria indicate to a ‘fascism for export, when the reactionary interests of financial capital in foreign policy resort to extreme measures of violence, while in domestic politics, imperialism preserves standards of propriety in carrying out bourgeois democracy.’

The statement of the RKRP emphasized that it is crucial for communist and workers' parties, together with the progressive opposition forces of the West, including those in Britain and the United States, 'to build a powerful world anti-war front, and reject taking up positions of national defencism by standing by the imperialists of their own nations’.

People are prepared to be artificially divided up into the "civilized world" and the "Islamic world", the "Russian world" and the "American world", etc.' the statement warned. 'Sooner or later, this leads to the possibility of pitting nations against each other in the new imperialist slaughter, which will be many times more dangerous than the first two world wars.’ In addition it said, ‘The Russian authorities today, expressing the interests of Russian capitals, support the just struggle of Syria and the Donbas, but it is the revival of Russian capitalism that is most guilty of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp... We must see the whole chain of events and understand the true causes of these phenomena. Capitalism is war.

The PC of the CC of RKRP-CPSU finally called on all the communist parties of the world and all working people ‘to use the 1st of May to speak not only for the social rights of the working people, but also against the threat of a new world war, against arsonists and preachers of such a war, against the escalation of military hysteria and such acts of direct imperialist aggression as undertaken by the United States, Britain and France against sovereign Syria under the false pretext of countering the use of chemical weapons.’