RCWP calls to unify against the real enemy

In a statement on the migrants issue, Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP) called people to unify as the working people not as Muslims, Christians or Europeans 

ICP, 29 January 2016

The Secretariat of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP) Central Committee, released a statement about the current attacks against immigrants in Russia and Europe. RCWP stressed the need by each capitalist country to create a false enemy in order to hide the real enemy of the working people. Similarly RCWP pointed on the fact that the imperialist powers try to hide their role in creating the conditions of the mass migration from the Middle East.

The RCWP, denounced the presentation of the migrant issue as a “natural disaster”, reminding that the cause of the migration is the bloodshed in the Middle East triggered by the imperialist countries which forced local people  look for an escape towards European countries.

Calling upon the European working class, the RCWP stated that people should target the real source of disasters which is the capitalism in their countries.

The statement continued as follows:

“What we need today is not the unification of Europeans, of migrants, of Muslims, of Christians, these unions aimed against each other, what we need today is the unification of all working people, all people of good will that are in position to oppose the market nationalism of bourgeoisie with their proletarian solidarity labor.”

Mentioning the position of communists on the national question and inter-ethnic conflicts, RCWP reminded the “one example of successful solution of the national question in a multinational state: the USSR.”

RCWP ended with the call:

"Proletarians from all countries and of all nations unite in your struggle for the power of working people, for decent living and against the parasites of all nations!"