Huge meeting at the Avante Festival

Portuguese communists gathered tens of thousands of people in their yearly politico-cultural event.

ICP, 12 September 2018

The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) organized the 46th edition of the Avante Festival in Seixal municipality as every year in the first weekend of September. In the mass meeting organized at the last day of the festival, General-Secretary of the PCP, Jerónimo de Sousa made a speech, highlighting that the world is getting more dangerous, more unstable and more unsafe due to the exploiting, repressive, predator and aggressive nature of capitalism. He added that in these uncertain, dangerous times, with the risk of setbacks, with possibilities of advances, the PCP assumes its long-standing struggle, with the workers and the people, resisting, fighting for every right, for every advance. With every action, every initiative, every struggle being part of the millennial process of social emancipation. Assuming and projecting into the future the historical feat of the struggle of the Portuguese people, the action of the workers' movement, the struggle of all workers, the unforgettable process of the April Revolution and its values inspire the advanced democracy, based on national independence and pointing the way to a new society, to socialism and communism. Tens of thousands of people including the representatives of many communist and progressive political parties from all around the world participated in the three-day event. Besides the countless initiatives about Portuguese politics taken place during the three days, the international space hosted six important debates on Europe, Latin America, Middle East, international situation, Karl Marx, and the capitalist crisis with the participation of Portuguese and international political figures.