CPU leader's lawyers warn about her health condition

The CPU released a statement indicating that the ongoing trial of the first secretary of the Kharkiv CPU committee Aleksandrovskaja, has been fabricated.

ICP, 13th July 2016

The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), released a statement about the ongoing trial of the first secretary of the Kharkiv CPU committee Alla Aleksandrovskaja. At the case,  8th of July hearing was held in the presence of the fascist Right Sector members and without the participation of the accused Aleksandrovskaja. The CPU noted that fascist militants tried to form the jury in the hearing and provocate the event.

The CPU also noted that lawyers think the case against Aleksandrovskaja is fabricated. The statement goes on as follows:

...And the plot, which is contained in the suspicion does not correspond to the composition of the offense and the provisions of the Criminal Code, which provides for such crime. She is charged with calls in violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. At the same time prosecutors say she allegedly influenced the decision and an appeal to the Verkhovna Rada and the President of Ukraine on amendments to the election of the governors and judges. The election of governors and judges do not apply to territorial jurisdiction. Evidence of violations of territorial integrity is not provided with. She is charged with bribery of deputies, but not one deputy is questioned, the chairman of the local council is not questioned a well. Witnesses are not questioned and evidence are not presented to the court because there are no witnesses nor evidence. In general, the case is fabricated as for the evidence provided to date.

Aleksandroskaja's advocate, Alexander Shadrin shared the fallowing information about the process and client's health condition:  The court must take into account the state of health when deciding on a preventive measure. But due to the recent changes to the Criminal Procedure Code this can not be taken into account, in particular, for the crimes, which Alla Alexandrovskaja is charged with. Her state of health is very bad, she has dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, she just knocked pressure medications and do not have a proper diagnosis and treatment at this time. In this regard, health is a great concern, there is a high risk of death, if timely medical care is not provided."