CP of Peoples of Spain: 'We aspire to live in a Socialist country not an imperialist one'

CC of the Communist Party of the People's of Spain(PCPE) has released a statement for the 12th of October saying they have nothing to celebrate on the 'National Day of Spain'

ICP, 14th October 2015

CC of the Communist Party of the People's of Spain(PCPE) has released a statement saying they have nothing to celebrate on the 12th of October, which is the day Christofous Coloumbus had first arrived in the Americas and is celebrated as a National Day of Spain.

The statement of PCPE is as follows:

"1)There is no reason to celebrate on a date when the first expedition of Spanish vessels reached the coast of America and immediately led to the looting and plundering of the resources of those lands and the genocide of millions of people.

2)The Spanish imperial past, a result of a particular historical epoch, had in America unfortunate episodes of subjugation, plunder and mass murder reminiscent of the scenes that we contemplate today in many countries.

3)In the fifteenth century, under a nascent capitalism, attacks against the people and the dispossession of the wealth of their land for the benefit of a foreign power helped the primitive accumulation of capital. In the 21stcentury, when capitalism is not still dead, assaults and looting are a particular characteristic, along with many others, of a dying and decaying imperialism, of a system that devours itself to survive.


4)We believe that all the celebrations that can be done in the coming days around the date of October 12 are intended to offer an image of current Spain that is far from reality. In these celebrations there will be no words about the more than 4 million people unemployed in our country, or the millions more who survive on poverty wages. Surely there will be no words about the forced emigration of tens of thousands of young workers who lack a decent future in our country and are forced to look for it elsewhere. There will be no words about the participation of Spain in the EU and NATO military operations of looting in countries like Somalia, Mali and Central African Republic, or the use of Spanish military bases as key points in the transport of the aggressor troops to countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.


5)Under the current conditions, the Spanish governments have nothing to offer to the workers, and they event become enemies of a good part of humanity when tolerating and encouraging the military interferences in other countries, and when benefitting from the looting of their natural resources and the savage exploitation of their population.


6)We appeal to the working class and the popular sectors, and especially the tens of thousands of Spanish workers who are in other countries, to transform next October 12 in a day of struggle for their rights, to refuse the official discourse of the recovery from the crisis and strongly denounce the aggressive and interventionist character of Spanish capitalism and its puppet governments.


The communists aspire to build a different country, where the interests of the working majority are those that rule the economic and social life and where no one lacks the resources to meet their needs, for which it is necessary to overthrow the current bourgeois power and the construction of workers' and people's power, the construction of socialism.


We aspire to build a sovereign and peace-loving country that abandons the imperialist structures of looting and plundering and initates its own course on an equal footing with all other peoples of the world, in which international relations are based on mutual support and cooperation and not on aggression and war.


We aspire to live in a Socialist country in which the national question, used by the class enemy to put the working people behind it, is finally resolved in terms of workers' unity and struggle against the exploiters.

In short, we aspire to have a new country, a different country because, for the first time, it will be the social majority, the working and people's majority, who will have taken in their hands the course of their own lives."