CP of Malta opposes military intervention in Syria

Referring Hollande's call for "military support" from the EU, the Communist Party of Malta (CPM) appealed that the Maltese government should not get involved in the conflict in Syria.

ICP, 23rd November 2015

The Communist Party of Malta (CPM), released a statement describing the conflict in Syria as the product of imperialism and stating that Malta should keep its neutrality in the Syrian crisis.

Referring to the call made by President of France, Francois Hollande for military "support" from EU member states following the Paris attack, the CPM stated that Malta should not join any military campain against Syria, arguing that Paris attack was not a military intervention by a particular state but a terrorist attack.

The CPM appealed to the international community, for the condemnation of "all those that give financial and military support to terrorist groups like ISIS with the aim to destabilise regimes that do not adhere to the imperialist diktat."