CP of Ireland exposes hypocrisy of NATO-EU and servility of Irish government on the Russian agent case

Communist Party of Ireland issued a statement after expulsion of a Russian diplomat calling it as 'servility' of the Irish government and reminded the historical crimes of NATO-EU.

ICP, 6 April 2018

A statement on 29 March 2018 by the Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) with the title ‘Positive and active neutrality versus NATO and the EU’ was published in the Socialist Voice April issue. The statement discussed the decision by the Irish government to expel a Russian diplomat as part of a co-ordinated response by EU and NATO member-countries after the suspicious chemical attack on a former Russian double agent. The CPI identified the decision as ‘another example of how far the Irish establishment has aligned this state with their military strategies’. 

The statement of the CPI said, ‘The British claim is an extremely dubious assumption on which to base their actions, in the light of previous experience of British intelligence claims that were taken as fact, such as the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq and the claim that the Gibraltar victims were about to detonate explosives. These are but two examples of a very long list of false intelligence.’   

The statement characterized the outrage of the British government, leading EU member-states, the United States and Canada as an ‘overflowing hypocrisy, straight out of the Cold War propaganda handbook’ and added, ‘While Putin is not someone we would encourage working people in Ireland to look to as some form of role model, nevertheless it is clear that we are edging towards a possible confrontation with Russia, which could only have very serious global consequences, including the possible use of nuclear weapons.’ 

According to the statement, the actions of the Irish government indicates how far the state’s policies are aligned with ‘the political and military strategy of the EU and NATO’. Making a historical comparison between the support given by Soviet Russia to the Irish people's struggle and the crimes carried of the British state and its loyalist paramilitary agents, the statement pointed out that the British government still refuses ‘to hand over evidence or to help the investigation of those horrific crimes’. 

Just before the Government announced that it would be joining in this co-ordinated political assault on Russia’, said the statement, ‘the European Court of Human Rights rejected the challenge by the remaining fourteen torture victims known as the “hooded men” to designate what happened to them in 1971 as torture.’ It was reminded that the Irish government had failed to stem the flow of American military flights through the Shannon war port ‘carrying prisoners brutally tortured under the direction of the CIA’. The statment also reminded the chemical attacks carried out by the US army against the Vietnamese people during the Vieatnam war.

Regarding the expulsion of the Russian diplomat after the current case, the CPI said ‘This expulsion is unprecedented and, if nothing else, is an infringement of our neutrality, as it is an action by Britain’s NATO allies. The Irish state and the political establishment are using this crisis to advance their strategy of aligning this state with NATO and the military strategy of the EU. This action by the Government is nothing more than the action of a servile and dependent Irish establishment.’ 

The CPI called to end the servile and collaborationist approach of the Irish establishment to both the EU and NATO, demanded the closure of the Shannon Airport to the US war machine, the ending of all co-ordination and involvement in EU military strategies including the battle groups and PESCO and the withdrawal of Irish soldiers from NATO Headquarters in the Hague and from NATO military engagements around the world. Finally the CPI underlined that ‘the Irish military neutrality should be enshrined in the Constitution’.