The 5th Congress of the CP of Poland

The 5th Congress of the KPP was held in Bytom on July 21.

ICP, 13 August 2019

The day before the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Peoples’ Poland, the 5th Congress of the Communist Party of Poland (KPP) was held with the participation of several dozen delegates of the regional structures of Party. Lefteris Nikolaou, representative of the Communist Party of Greece and member of the European Parliament, also attended the congress.

The congress was held in a difficult period for the KPP, when repressions and persecution against the communists continue. The trial of the KPP members and editorial staff of the Brzask newspaper entered a new stage when the District Court in Katowice sustained the prosecutor’s demand to renew the trial and decided to return the case to the first instance court. The campaign of falsifying history about Peoples' Poland is strengthening with the sharpening of the article 256 of the penal law, penalising promotion of the communist ideology, use of the communist symbols and equating communism with fascism. In this situation, the Congress unanimously decided that party cannot modify its statute by resigning from its Marxist-Leninist ideology. The Congress announced the continuation of the previous political line of the Party and struggle against the repressions by the authorities.
Delegates accepted the report on the domestic and international activities of the Party in recent 4 years and gave vote of acceptance to the current leadership. Krzysztof Szwej was re-elected for the next term the chairman of the CC of the KPP.

In the statement of the Congress, the Party announced that present international situation is a threat to international peace, especially through growing threat of the serious military conflict as a result of threats towards Iran. Meanwhile, Poland, together with countries such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, is transformed into the infrastructure of the Eastern flank of NATO. The Party also noted that until now any opposition towards the main directions of the government’s policy has been efficiently removed from the public life and marginalised. Everyone questioning policy of the government, especially in foreign relations, is being not only eliminated from the media but also openly persecuted. In addition, it is underlined that independence of courts in Poland is seriously undermined.

The Congress condemned the practice of the court-prosecutor's persecution of the KPP and the long-standing trial aimed not only at repressing members of the Party but also intimidating the public opinion. Delegates also discussed the future activities, especially the widening of the information campaign of the KPP on the internet, increasing publishing frequency of the Brzask newspaper and other ways to promote communist ideas.