Maki: 'Stop the escalation of war betting on the fate of the peoples of the region'

Communist Party of Israel (Maki) issued a statement yesterday, calling to stop American bullying and Israel’s war mongering in Syria.

ICP, 14 April 2018

The conduct of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to get out of nuclear deal with Iran and collaborate with Israel and Saudi Arabia to eliminate the Palestinian question was condemned by the Communist Party of Israel in a statement issued on 13 April. 

According to the statement of Maki, terrorist organizations have been used as a tool by the United States and its allies in the Middle East. However, the global terror mechanism, constructed and injected into Syria under the auspices of the United States and its allies in the region including Israel, has collapsed.

Maki strongly condemned the warmongering of the Israeli government, reminding the latest incursion of Israel to Syria and the threat of Trump to join the aggressive move. Maki also underlined the crimes of the Netanyahu government against Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza border and called on the Israeli public to rise up and oppose the policy of the right-wing government that endangers the fate and security of the citizens.

Maki warned that the charges for the use of chemical weapons, now used against Syria, have turned out to be false after ‘justifying’ the wars of aggression in Iraq and Libya.  Maki said it supported for a transparent and independent international investigation in order to reveal the truth in Syria,  asking ‘Have chemical weapons been actually used? Who has been using them? Who has produced them? And who has shed crocodile tears over the Syrian people after years of direct and indirect support for fundamentalists terrorist organizations?

Maki declared its determination to struggle for the demilitarization of the Middle East from biological and nuclear weapons, including those of Israel. It called on all forces of peace in the country, the region and the world, to fight and to build an international front to stop the public bullying of the US and to stop the escalation of war betting on the fate of the peoples of the region, endangering global security and risking the ignition of a nuclear conflict.