CPRF Victory in Khakassia elections

Valentin Konovalov, the candidate of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) has been selected as the Head of the Republic of Khakassia 

ICP, 15 November 2018

The International Department of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) reported that, on November 11, 2018 the second round of elections of the Head of theRepublic of Khakassia successfully culminated in the victory of the CPRFcandidate Valentin Konovalov with 57.6% of voters’ support.  The turnout rate for the elections was 46%.
In the second round Konovalove was supported by 1.4 times more voters in comparison with the first round.
"We have opposed all insinuations. We came up with a constructive program, and our candidate as well as the whole team behaved with honor. Valentin Konovalov has won. We are going to implement  the program proposed to the residents of the region,”- stated Gennady Zyuganov after the election.
Zyuganov also said that after approval of the election results, the Communist Party would initiate the process of forming a Government of People's trust in Khakassia.
"We have made it clear that we are ready to cooperate with everyone who is eager to work for the benefit of the Republic and the country. We have already visited all districts and cities and communicated with the Heads of enterprises and organizations. They were ready. We already have relevant plans", - said the Chairman of the Communist party.
"Almost three major opponents have been defeated by Valentin  Konovalov. People cast  their ballots for the person who was able to take a punch and keep a promise as well as being absolutely open. We have not slammed the door and leaved the election, we have demonstrated our respect to the voters as well as the right to express their opinion," -  added the leader of the Party.
He also highlighted the turnout of registered voters which was 5% higher than in the previous round. People used their right to come and vote.
G. A. Zyuganov noted that during the election campaign the Communist party had presented its experience in establishing "People's Enterprises"  which were available in the regions headed by CPRF comrades such as: Sergey Levchenko (Governor of Irkutsk region), Anatoly Lokot’ (Mayor of Novosibirsk) and Andrey Klychkov (Governor of Orel region).