PCV calls on the international progressive forces to support the Bolivarian revolution

Yul Jabour, from the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) calls for international support for the upcoming elections on 6th December.

ICP, 23rd November 2015

The Political Bureau member of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and the candidate of the Assembly for the Great Patriotic Pole “Simon Bolivar”, Yul Jabour alerted that imperialism has a plan to frighten the voters and to deny the results of the upcoming December 6 legislative elections.

Jabour stressed that the US and its international and national allies have intensified a multi-faceted aggression against the process of Bolivarian revolution.

The communist leader highlighted that these interventionist actions rely on their allies within Venezuela, especially the national bourgeoisie and the opposition actors of the extreme right-wing to intensify the plans of a political destabilization and an economic sabotage in the following days.

Jabour continued as follows:

 “We are calling the Venezuelan people to increase the level of the organization and the mobilization in front the of the complexity which is carried out in the struggle of the working class in Venezuela and in the world

Yul Jabour also expressed Communist Party’s solidarity with the French people, the victims and their families by pointing that these attacks are a direct consequence of the accomplice role which France played in the political interventions of NATO and the US in the Middle East. 

Jabour stated that the Communist Party of Venezuela and its political forces are accomplishing an international struggle, promoting the solidarity expressions with the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian revolution while accusing the imperialism with aggressions and plans against it.