Costa Rican Communists commemorate the victims of the Devil’s Elbow

People’s Vanguard Party, Costa Rica released a call for a memorial ceremony for the assassination of the six Communists 67 years ago.

ICP, 14th December 2015

People’s Vanguard Party, Costa Rica released a declaration to invite the people for the memorial ceremony of the victims who were killed in the Devil’s Elbow. The remembrance will take place in the Worker’s Cemetery on the 19th of December

In the declaration the Secretary Humberto Vargas Carbonell, stresses the historical importance of this political crime in which six people were murdered 67 years ago without any chance of defense.

The secretary indicates that they were all imprisoned, including four leaders of the People’s Vanguard Party, who were taken from the prison with the purpose of killing them by the order of higher authorities of that time.

Carbonell continues as follow:

“They were all handcuffed; Federico stung who had just elected as the Deputy of the province of Limon and Tobías Vaglio, Lucio Ibarra, Octavio Sáenz, all leaders of the People’s Vanguard party and, in addition, Narciso Sotomayor and Alvaro Aguilar. We invite all the Costa Ricans honest and patriotic to this memorial ceremony.”

On December 19, 1948, six political prisoners, members all of the Popular Vanguard Party, were murdered in cold blood on their way to San Jose’s Central Penitentiary by the military. The triggermen were judged and condemned but never served their sentences; to this day, no one knows who gave the orders for the execution.