Communists in Brazil condemn assassination of Marielle Franco

Communists in Brazil vehemently condemn brutal murder of socialist Councilwoman Marielle Franco struggling for women's rights and against police brutality.

ICP, 16 March 2018

Councilwoman Marielle Franco from the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL) and driver Anderson Pedro Gomes were assassinated on March 14 in Rio de Janeiro. Marielle Franco was known for the struggle for women’s rights and against police brutality. She was the president of the women's rights committee of the City Council of Rio. The armed assault that took place on Wednesday night killed Marielle and her driver while an advisor, Fernanda Chaves, survived the attack and was hospitalized.

The Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) issued a note expressing deep indignation and vehement protest in the face of the cowardly and barbarous murder. PCdoB declared its solidarity with the PSOL and demanded the clearest, most thorough and speedy investigation as well as the punishment, in the form of the law, of those responsible.

The note emphasied that the murder is a part of the permanent wave of aggression that takes the lives of a large number of women in Brazil and adds to a series of violence committed against progressive forces in recent months. Although the cases may have different motivations, they derive from this regressive and retrograde environment of Brazil after the coup. 

The note of PcdoB said, ‘May our pain be transformed into a broad mobilization to stop the attacks on freedom, life and individual guarantees.’ Also, PCdoB Carioca brach issued a statement saying ‘Mariele leaves an example of struggle and that serves as an inspiration, showing that her ideas continue .... Transform mourning into struggle.

In the website of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) an offical note of the Union of Communist Youth concerning the murder was issued.

The note said the following:

We received with regret the news of the death of companion and councilor Marielle Franco of PSOL and its driver Anderson Pedro Gomes, murdered while leaving an activity against racism in the center of Rio.

‘Marielle, before being one of the most voted councilors of the capital, was a socialist militant, of the black movement and of the human rights, mainly in the confrontation to police violence in the Complexo da Maré, where she was formed as a person and militant.

The Communist Youth Union stands in solidarity with its families and fellow combatants and with the militancy of PSOL for her loss. Marielle's contributions to the struggle of women, blacks and blacks and the poor youth of Rio de Janeiro will never be forgotten by the Communists.

‘We demand immediate and rigorous investigation of this heinous crime under the supervision of a democratic committee independent of the militarist state and the racist judiciary of Rio de Janeiro.

‘To our dead no minute of silence!