'Republicans push powerlessness, Democrats promote empowerment'

According to a commentary from Communist Party of USA (CP-USA), there is a big contrast between the Republicans and the Democrats.

ICP, 8th March 2016

An article published on CP-USA's website People's world by Larry Lubin after the "Super Tuesday," on March 1st, suggests that there is a big contrast between the Democrats and the Republicans running for the presidential nomination. 
According to Lubin, the Democratic Party candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both stand for empowering the American people while the Republican candidates promote powerlessness. Lubin adds that unlike Trump and the other Republican candidates, both Hilary Clinton and Sanders were very clear about why working people are having a hard time making ends meet and why they lack job security.

Note: In the U.S. presidential elections, "Super Tuesday" refers to one or more Tuesdays early the presidential primary election when the largest number of states hold primary elections and caucuses.