PSL denounces TPP as 'A new period of laissez-faire capitalism'

Party for Socialism and Liberation,U.S. (PSL), described the recent Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as a dagger aimed at China and the global working class.

ICP, 25th November 2015

In an analysis published on Liberation by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), the recent  Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is described as a dagger aimed at China and global working class. According to the analyis, the agreement negotiated between 12 nations including the U.S. is part of a geopolitical campaign by the U.S. with three goals: 

  • "Isolate and reduce the economic role of China in the region and globally
  • Subordinate the region’s economies to the U.S. capitalist economy
  • Increase the global exploitation of the working class"

The analysis noted that TPP reflected the orientation of the 1992 Defense Planning Guidance, written by the neo-con grouping that dominated the U.S. executive branch at the time. The article continued as:

Known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine, the perspective was, in the aftermath of the overthrow of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the socialist camp, to not allow the establishment of any regional power that could challenge U.S. uni-polar political and economic hegemony. While the neo-cons have been displaced from the executive branch, their perspective still shapes U.S. foreign policy.
The United States, despite enormous economic investments in China, has always looked at China as a geopolitical threat, one that will eventually lead to confrontation. The signing of the TPP is one important step by the United States in preparing for that possibility.

In the analysis it is also pointed out that the TPP continues the drive of present-day capitalism to eliminate as many obstacles to unfettered capitalist exploitation as humanity will endure, a new period of laissez-faire capitalism in the 21st century and that TPP will only be stopped by the mobilization of millions of workers and poor people across the globe who demand economic justice.

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