South African Communists call to 'Unite for revolutionary tasks'

South African Communist Party (SACP) launch the Red October Campaign for 2015/2016 to transform the financial sector to serve people and free the media  

ICP, 15th October 2015

General Secretary of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Cde Blade Nzimande, launched a statement explaining the theme of the Red October Campaign for 2015/2016.  Nzimande stated that the campaign will be based on the principles of: “Unite the working class, our communities, and our movement!” .

The two main themes of the Red October campaign are stated to be the struggle for "transforming the financial sector and build banks that will serve the people" and "freeing the media".

SACP calls the working class to unite to overcome the neoliberalism and financialisation. The Red October Campaign claims for the transforming the financial sector:

  • " a new financial sector architecture";
  • "a financial sector and banks which will serve the people"
  • "an end to private monopoly domination of the banking sector"
  • "for diversity, for a greater enabling environment for the development of workers and people's co-operative banks"
  • "for decisive action to develop a state-owned bank";

For the free media:

SACP claims the end of monopolism and "the transformation of the media: ownership; management control; media content diversity; accountable media; workplace transformation, skills and employment equity"

Red October Campaign statement also stresses on the unity of the SACP saying:

" We must unite against private monopoly capital not only on the financial sector but in all other sectors of our economy, in all terrains of struggle and power!

The SACP will continue to focus on this revolutionary task to unite the working class, our communities, and our movement!"