Communist and workers’ parties condemned the massacre of Palestinians on Nakba demonstrations and called for solidarity with the Palestinian people. (UPDATED)

The European Communist Initiative released a statement to commemorate the 200th birthday of Karl Marx


The European Communist Initiative organised an internationalist event commemorating the surrender of the fascist Germany after the victory of the Soviet soldiers on 9th May 1945

Statements of the Communist and Workers' Parties of the World on the  May 1st, the international day of proletarian solidarity and struggle of all the workers of the World. TKP, CPU, CPSU, CPRF, ICP, CPUSA, CPS, KKE, MUNKASPART (to be updated) 

The declarations of the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF), the Revolutionary Party-Communists (PRC), the Pole of the Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) and Pierre Laurent on behalf of the French Communist Party (PCF) on the first round of the presidential elections in France

The Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties (IMCWP) meet in Moscow

The interview by soL news portal with Kemal Okuyan, First Secretary of the CC of TKP, on the results of the 16 April referendum in Turkey

The CC of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released a statement declaring Erdoğan and AKP government as illegitimate after the devious results of Sunday's referendum was revealed. [ES]

Special interview with Carolus Wimmer, Secretary of International Relations of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). [EN] [ES]

First Secretary of the Central Committee of CPU, Petr Simonenko called for solidarity against the attempts to ban the Party.

The two-days international event of the Communist Youth from different countries on refugee issue took place in Thessaloniki last weekend.

Following the ban on the rally of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) by the Governorship of Istanbul, thousands of people came together across the country to raise the voice of ‘no’.

Messages from the CP's of the world indicating solidarity with Syrian people and condemning the US aggression.

TKP, LCP, KSCM, PCM, KPRF, KPU, PCA, PSL, KKE, CPC, PCC, PCdoB, TPI, CPP (to be updated)

Statements from the CP's around the world against the illegalization attack on the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) [EN] [ES]:PCV, WFDY, TKP, KKE,MUNKASPART, PCP, ICR, PADS, KPP, CC, PdA, NKP, PRCF, PCdelP-PATRIA ROJA, PSL, PRC (UPDATED)

Statement from the Polit Bureau of the Syrian CP on the American imperialist aggression against Syria

The Communist Party of Turkey(TKP) and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) the Communist Party of Poland and the Communist Party of Albania made statements regarding the ban of the İstanbul Governer on the rally of TKP (updated)

The Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) released a statement calling to struggle for the people’s ownership of all water resources

Statement from the Communist Party of Turkey's (TKP) unit in Germany upon tension between Germany and the AKP of Turkey.

The Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) commemorates its 83rd anniversary of foundation.

Special Interview with the leader of the Hungarian Workers’ Party, Gyula Thurmer.

Eighth Annual Meeting of the Arab Left Forum began in Tunisia on 24th of March.

Statement of the EUROPEAN COMMUNIST INITIATIVE on the 60 anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.