The European Communist Initiative meeting titled "Struggle for Communism: 100 Years of Political Heritage" hosted by the CP of Turkey (TKP) took place on February 16-17 in İstanbul. 

Communist and workers’ parties issue declarations against the US recognition of a puppet president in Venezuela, expressing solidarity with the Venezuelan people. (Updated)

ICP interviewed Marina Gómez, candidate MEP of the PCTE.
ICP interviewed Lefteris Nikolaou, candidate MEP of the KKE.

Interview with Marco Rizzo, the Secretary of the Partito Comunista.

Special interview with the Hungarian Workers' Party (Munkaspart).
Common appeal from 25 Communist Youth Organizations for the reinforcement of the struggle against the EU.

PCTE and PCE commented on the election results and the future PSOE Government.

The Hungarian Workers’ Party collected 26 thousand signatures in order to have its candidates on the elections for the European Parliament. 

People's Liberation Front (JVP) of Sri Lanka condemns the barbaric attacks of April 21.
The monument of Nikos Beloyannis in Wroclaw dismantled, KKE and KPP denounced the barbaric act.
Communist Party of the Workers of Spain held its debut with a spectacular event in Madrid.

The Sudanese CP issued a statement calling for intensified mass action to thwart ongoing conspiracies.

Eight communist organizations struggling in France issued a common declaration.

The Palestinian People's Party announced its decision to participate in the new Palestinian government putting forward a memorandum including social and political issues.

The CP of Ukraine assessed the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine as a rejection of the US-NATO backed regime and a pursuit for radical change.

European Communist Initiative (ECI) issued a statement on the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the imperialist alliance called NATO.
The Communist Party of Turkey evaluated the results of the local elections.
The Communist Party of the Workers of Spain will participate in the general elections of April 28.

The Tudeh Party of Iran issued a statement concerning the flash flooding and the incompetence of the Iranian authorities.

KKE's statement on the 6th Trilateral Greece-Cyprus-Israel Summit held in Jerusalem on March 20.