Statements by the Communist and Workers' parties of the World responding Trump on his new Cuban policy. TKP, SACP, PCC, PSL, KKE, PCP, CPUSA, CPP, PKP-1930, AKEL (to be updated)

Special report on the Palestine, covering the reflections form the international communist movement (Palestinian CP, KKE, PCP, MAKI, SACP, SKP, TKP, PPP to be updated)


Interview with Kemal Okuyan, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) reviewing the July 15 coup attempt at its first anniversary

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) calls for international solidarity with the strike at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 

Commentary by Kemal Okuyan, First Secretary of Communist Part of Turkey (TKP), on the political results of the 'justice march' and the following mass rally by Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP)

The MEP of the KKE, Sotiris Zarianopoulos,submitted a question to the High Representative of the EU for Foreigh and defense of Policy F. Mogherini on the arrest of two cadres of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party

Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS) published a declaration following the passing away of Boualem Khalfa, communist leader and editor-in-chief of the Republican Algerian.

The Communist Revolutionary Party of France (PCRF) released a declaration denouncing President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Paris

The Philipine Communist Party  (PKP-1930) condemned the last barbaric killings committed by the jihadist terrorist group “Abu Sayyaf” in Mindanao

AKEL statement on the failure of the Cyprus reunification talks in Switzerland

The CC of the Syrian CP released a reflection on the de-escalation zones issue and the crisis between imperialist centers

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) hosted a political-cultural event in Athens, bringing together Greek, immigrant and refugee workers.

The endeavor to privatize AIR INDIA met with strong opposition by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Communist Party of India.

The PB of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) issued a statement drawing attention to the imperialist competition in Africa and collaboration of the Sudanese regime.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a statement on the “justice march” of the leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) of Turkey, pointing to the class character of justice

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) actively involves in the anti-imperialist struggle of the people of Greece since the begining of May this year.


The Communist Party of Venezuela successfully (PCV) completed its 15th Congress on 22-25 June 2017.

Communist Party of Poland (CPP) released a statement condemning the Parliament's latest decision on the extension of the ban on the promotion of communism 

The Tudeh Party of Iran (TPI) released a statement on the developments in the Middle East region following Donald Trump’s visit.

Statements from the Pole of the Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) and the French Communist Party (PCF).


Following the regular meeting of the Political Bureau of the Syrian Communist Party (Unified) held on July 10, a comminuqué was issued assessing the Qatar crisis and other regional developments.

Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla met the First Secretary of the CC Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and other representatives of the TKP at a reception by the Cuban embassy in Ankara.