The European Communist Initiative meeting titled "Struggle for Communism: 100 Years of Political Heritage" hosted by the CP of Turkey (TKP) took place on February 16-17 in İstanbul. 

Communist and workers’ parties issue declarations against the US recognition of a puppet president in Venezuela, expressing solidarity with the Venezuelan people. (Updated)

FARC-EP leader Iván Márquez announced that they are rearming.
Communist Parties blame the Bolsonaro government and capitalist monopolies.
Marco Rizzo commented on the political crisis in Italy.
Communiqué of the meeting of the CC of the Syrian CP.

Communist Party of Venezuela on the new sanctions of the US.

The 5th Congress of the KPP was held in Bytom on July 21.

Tension increasing in Jammu & Kashmir, communist leaders detained at Srinagar Airport.

Summer camp of the WFDY CENA took place in Belgrade 20 years after the NATO bombing.

Intervention of Kostas Papadakis on the anti-communist prosecutions in Poland and Ukraine.

PCTE on the scene of institutional instability that prevails in Spanish politics,
Communist Parties in India commented on the victory of the BJP-led NDA.
CP of Ukraine warns about a new wave of repression against communists.
Contribution of the RCWP to the international conference “Comintern-100”.
Sudanese CP declared that the proposed agreement is not acceptable to the forces for Freedom and Change.
CPRF calls for an end to political abuses disguised as a court ruling on Pavel Grudinin.
French communists warn about the danger of war in the Middle East.
Special interview with Kemal Okuyan, the GS of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP).
KKE votes to be utilized for organizing struggles to block new measures.

Message of militant popular resurgence from the thousands who flooded the center of Athens.