'Only the establishment of socialism can end the oppression of women'

The European Communist Initiative released a statement on the international working women's day, underlining that the March 8th should not only be a celebration day, but a day for struggle to built a world without exploitation. 

ICP, 08 March 2017

The European Communist Initiative released a statement regarding the international working women's day. Greeting the working women of the world, the Initiative particularly saluted women refugee and immigrants as the victims of the imperialist interventions. The most important problems that women are facing pointed out as signs of a rotten system based on exploitation, capitalism.

The Initiative reminded the connection between the gender discrimination and the system based on maximization of profits of monopolies and the spesific role of both social-democratic and liberal parties together with collaborationist trade unions as they use gender unequalities for hiding the class diversities.

The Initiative also underlined that only a higher form of organization o society, the socialism-communism can put an end to the double oppression of women. It pointed out that the contemporary internationalist message of the March 8th for working women is to demonstrate solidarity with women refugee and immigrants and to reject their children become victims or victimizers for the interest of monopolies. 

Below you can find the full statement