International solidarity and struggle on the MAY 1st

Statements of the Communist and Workers' Parties of the World on the  May 1st, the international day of proletarian solidarity and struggle of all the workers of the World. TKP, CPU, CPSU, CPRF, ICP, CPUSA, CPS, KKE, MUNKASPART (to be updated) 

ICP, 01 May 2017




May 1st of 2017 should be celebrated with massive participation of our people who do not submit.  Our working class, our hope for the future, should prove its strength. For that, we call all the working men and women, all the educated and youth to march with TKP.  TKP will take place with its own rally ranks at the meetings to be held in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Adana. We announce our participation to those meetings to be held by the initiative of DİSK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB.

On the eve of the May Day of 2017, the circumstances in our homeland and in the World call the working class for their historical duty!

Humanity seeks its way out from the darkness the capitalism and international fundamentalist forces dragged it into.

Regional wars, jihadist gangs spurred by imperialist powers, threats against the countries fighting to keep their independence and sovereignty... Calls for the third world war... Refugees who struggle to survive far away from their homes and from humane conditions; and the monstrous attitude of racists against them...

The humanity experiences an exploitation of unprecedented scales.

Our World is experiencing an attack via child labour, precarity, unemployment and anomaly, to replace the brutal capitalism of 150 years ago.

Our country is in the middle of this darkness. Our people is under the siege of religious fundamentalism, warmongering, exploitation, and persecution!

This siege will be broken by the willful resistance of humanity, and determined consciousness of our working class!

Our country and our world will once again be lightened by the ones, who had nothing else but their labour as their asset, by the working class.

We have our accumulation as big as the hardship we are facing.

We call our working class to TKP's ranks, which will eventually beat the sultanate of the money, the darkness of the bigot and the missile of the imperialist.

On the 1st of May, we will stand up together with our intelligentsia, our progressive youth, our working men and women who struggle against the darkness, and we will fight against the sultanate wannabes, poor excuses for "sheikhul islam",the human traffickers, the misogynists,the servants of the money.

The Communist Party of Turkey will convey the Committees Against Presidency, which were just recently embarked, to the meetings on the 1st of May.

TKP will take place with its own rally ranks at the meetings to be held in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Adana.

We announce our participation to those meetings to be held by the initiative of DİSK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB.

On this Labour Day, the fundamentalist government, who is striving to survive with rouge, should recognise the power and dedication of the working class, who would never submit.

On this Labour Day, the capitalist class, who had fed and raised this darkness, and who is now trying to negotiate the current political crises, should receive also their share of the lesson.

On this Labour Day, the workers, the educated, the students should march with the Party of the working class.

That's why...

To the Labour Day, with TKP...

Communist Party of Turkey
Central Committee



Dear comrades in struggle!

In these difficult and troubled times we will celebrate International Day of Workers' Solidarity. As in the days of the shooting of the Chicago workers in May 1886, the May Day of 2017 marks the struggle of the working people against capitalist oppression for their social, economic and political rights and freedoms, for their power.
"PEACE, LABOR, MAY". These words sound like a toe in our hearts and call for action.
In the conditions of an unceasing global crisis of imperialism, in the conditions of aggravation of the class struggle, world capital tries to protect its power by any means including fomenting fratricidal civil wars all over the Planet, spreading enmity between peoples. The peace became a luxury. Therefore, in the present conditions, the struggle for peace is the paramount task of the working people, regardless of nationality, language, religion.
On the eve of May 1, the Ukrainian Communists appeal to all working people, especially the workers of industrial enterprises to go to protest rallies to demand that their governments stop wars, stop sowing hatred and anger, multiplying human suffering and grief. Workers should not kill each other for the profits of the oligarchs.
WORK. Labor is the foundation of prosperity and progress. By depriving people of the right to work, world capital deprives them of the right to a decent life, turning them into dumb slaves. The oligarchs do not care about the needs of workers who receive pennies or are thrown out into the streets and replenish the ranks of the unemployed. The oligarchs leave young people without future, without the opportunity to work and the means to study, kill themselves with alcohol and drugs.
Going to celebrate 1st of May, the Communists call upon the labor classes of the Planet to unite in the struggle against the oppressive oligarchs and corrupt officials, against the militarists of all types, against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism.
Workers of all countries unite!
Long live the Day of International Workers' Solidarity!
Long live the solidarity of the working people of Ukraine in the struggle for their rights for the people's power, for socialism!

 First Secretary
Central Committee
of the Communist Party of Ukraine                                  

Petro Symonenko



Dear comrades!

The Central Committee of the CPSU, the Association of International Society "For the Union and For the Communist Party of the Union" sincerely congratulate you on the International Workers' Day!

Attempts by bourgeois ideologists to pervert the essence of this holiday failed. The peoples of the world celebrate it with the symbols of the proletarian revolution. This Day will be an eternal banner in its struggle for socialism and communism.

We express the hope that our struggle for socialism and the revival of the USSR will be crowned with success and the Red Banner of Labor will triumph in all the continents of the planet!

We wish you health, happiness, success in our common struggle for socialism and the revival of the USSR!

First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee S.Aleksandrov

April 30, 2017

Congratulation of the Chairman of the Central Committee of CPRF, G.Zyuganov on the International Workers' Day

Dear comrades, friends, my compatriots!

Accept my heartfelt congratulations on the International solidarity day of the working people.

This feast unites those for whom truth and justice are the main guidelines. Those who are used to earn their own living. Those who have always stood for equality, brotherhood and friendship of peoples. These high ideals became the pledge of the victory of the Great October Revolution, the centenary of which we celebrate this year. The first socialist state, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was founded on them.

Today solidarity is equally necessary for the worker and scientist, the warrior and teacher, the doctor and peasant, the student and veteran, the artist and the writer. Only the togetherness of the working people will bring us new victories. It is in our power to protect a common home from the Nazis, Bandera and Smerdyakov, to stand against globalism and terror.

I am confident that we will cope with these challenges and tasks. The bright and flourishing May Day ensures us about it. May Day bears the great life-affirming truth: the peace will triumph over the war, truth will prevail against lies, justice will prevail over oppression!




Glory to the 1st of May, International Workers’ Day 

The 1st of May this year marks the 131st anniversary of the Chicago workers' feat that has become a symbol of the struggle of the international working class, its international solidarity and its revolutionary ideals, for democracy, peace and social progress.

Along with their brothers and sisters in other countries of the world, Iraq's workers and toilers celebrate this inspiring occasion, recalling with great pride their courageous history of struggle in defence of the cause of the people and the homeland, their class interests, their political and trade union rights, and for better working conditions and life. This history is full of sacrifices and achievements of our working class over many decades, including workers’ strikes in industries, ports, railways, textiles, oil industry and elsewhere. We also recall the outstanding contribution of the Iraqi working class to the Revolution of 14 July 1958, especially after the official recognition of the trade union movement, the licensing of its General Union, and the adoption of the 1st of May as a holiday for the Iraqi working class.

Under the dictatorial and authoritarian regimes that seized power in Iraq, after the fascist coup in February 1963, the working class continued its struggle with our people in very complicated and difficult conditions and under bloody repression, especially in the era of Saddam’s dictatorial regime and its destructive policies.

After the fall of the fascist regime, Iraqi workers rushed to protect many productive facilities and factories from sabotage and vandalism, and provided wonderful examples in ensuring that these institutions continued their work and production, preserving the wealth of the nation and the property of the people.

At present, the struggle of the Iraqi working class has acquired a national and class significance, despite the difficult conditions, the spread of unemployment among its ranks, the paralysis of the economic production, the attempts to impose a policy of privatization on our national productive institutions, the lack of public services, the widespread phenomenon of temporary contracts and daily wages for tens of thousands of workers who have no security for their lives and future[lB1] . In addition, trade union organization is banned in the public sector, and there are frantic attempts to impose hegemony and domination over it and narrow partisan interference in its affairs. The most serious of all are the attempts to divide the working class along sectarian and ethnic lines to undermine its role in defending its fundamental interests and rebuilding a prosperous democratic Iraq.

However, the Iraqi working class, with its political and class awareness and rich experience in trade union work, is fully aware that success in securing the rights and democratic and trade union freedoms of workers, building trade union organization in the public sector, protecting the national industry in the public, private and mixed sectors, preventing the privatization of the public sector, the provision of public services, defending the rights and gains of working women and the ensuring they enjoy equality in all political, social, economic and trade union fields, solving the problem of unemployment, issuing a fair law for retirement and social security, combating financial and administrative corruption, covering the unemployed with social welfare, and other economic, social and security issues suffered by the workers and all the Iraqi people, cannot be achieved under the stifling crisis that our country is experiencing, mainly because of the ethnic and sectarian quota system that the ruling forces want to perpetuate and to suppress its opponents.

The ideal solution for this complex crisis is to change the balance of political and social forces in favour of the civil and democratic forces that are fighting for reform and change. These forces are engaged in a mass protest movement that has been expanding since it began more than 20 months ago This movement is calling for the renunciation of political sectarianism, combating relentlessly financial and administrative corruption, the total elimination of terrorism and terrorists, the provision of essential services to the society, including water, electricity, health, education and decent housing, and guaranteeing the rights of workers, peasants and other toilers. It is also calling for the protection of public and personal liberties from violations and abuses, as well as demanding a fair electoral law, a genuinely independent electoral commission, and thus building a state of citizenship, for all Iraqis without discrimination.

The Iraqi Communist Party, while congratulating the Iraqi working class on its international day, reaffirms its solidarity and full support for its legitimate demands, and for the demands of its trade union movement for the implementation of the new Labor Law No. 37 of 2015 and enacting legislations on trade union and professional organization.

Our party also calls for the enactment of legislations on the representation of workers on the boards of economic projects and institutions, especially those run by the government, to ensure the participation of workers’ trade union organizations in the formulation of economic and social policies.

The Iraqi Communist Party supports the current efforts to unify the trade union movement and end the state of division in its ranks. It is fully confident that our Iraqi working class, with its glorious record of struggle and enormous sacrifices, will remain at the forefront among the forces of our people, fighting for a better future for Iraq and its people. We are also confident that it will continue to participate, with greater vigour and determination in the mass protest movement, towards establishing a democratic civil state under the banner of social justice.

Long live the 1st of May, a guiding light for all those marching along the path of building a better future for all mankind.

Long live the Iraqi working class, and glory to its martyrs, and the martyrs of our heroic people.

30 April 2017



Red May day greetings from Communist Party USA

On May Day 2017, the COMMUNIST PARTY USA greets our comrades and friends worldwide in the promise of:

  • A WORLD WITHOUT WAR, in which the billions spent on armaments are instead spent on human needs, and in which human blood and treasure cease to be expended in violent conflicts which produce mountains of dead and armies of refugees.
  • A WORLD WITHOUT IMPERIALIST EMPIRES, in which all nations sit down together in amity to solve the common problems of humanity without resorting to military interventions, threats, economic pressure and unilateral sanctions.
  • A WORLD WITHOUT EXPLOITATION, in which our labor will serve our own needs and that of humanity, instead of those of a handful of corporations and super rich individuals.
  • A WORD WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION AND OPPRESSION BY RACE, ETHNICITY, RELIGION, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, GENDER AND GENDER PREFERENCE, in which we call all work as brothers and sisters for a better future for humanity.



Redouble solidarity for liberation nationally and globally 

The Communist Party of Swaziland greets the workers of Swaziland and the world in celebration of the 2017 Workers Day.

If there is a common theme for 2017 internationally concerning what workers and the poor of all countries face, it is intensified uncertainty. Uncertainty about access to work, uncertainty about the security of rights in the work place, (where such rights exist), uncertainty in the face of attacks on trade unions, uncertainty about the ability to put bread on the table, uncertainty about the dismantling of hard-won social and health services (where they exist), uncertainty about the resurgence of racism and fascism destroying working class solidarity, uncertainty about the safety of the world amidst intensified imperialist warmongering threatening the future of humanity.

Swazi workers and poor communities are as affected by these concerns as workers anywhere. Our joint international solidarity in the face of them is more crucial than ever.

Increasingly the struggles in the workplace are meshing with the struggles on the streets and in the public spaces of our communities. Increasingly, we are confronted by a homogenized capitalism with a uniform agenda globally and at national level. Capitalist politics is hollowing out, gravitating to a uniform right-wing identity that happily uses racism, xenophobia, populism, fascism, police brutality, states of permanent war, heightened surveillance and spying to pursue the imperialist agenda of leeching as much fast-rate profit from working populations and natural resources as possible.

In Swaziland, the struggle against all this focuses on the struggle against the absolute monarchy – a dictatorship – and the feudal-capitalist tinkhundla regime it rules through. This regime uses various smokescreens of parliamentary politics, elections, rule of law as fig leafs to hide its oppressive machinery. The regime is largely supported by other governments, in the SA region and further away, and international governmental structures. Only the ILO has taken any robust stance against the attacks on workers in our country.

These attacks have been particularly focused on the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (Tucoswa), and it is therefore apt that this May Day the Communist Party of Swaziland urges all progressive forces in our country to redouble efforts to protect the integrity of our trade union federation.

The CPS supports the call by Tucoswa for decent jobs. We are aware that the Federation is not under illusion that the tinkhundla regime will listen to any of such a noble call. We are therefore calling upon all workers to join in protest the call for the unbanning of political parties and the workers’ right to organise.

We need to tackle the problem of massive exploitation of our economy, natural resources and labour power ‎with a more vigorous approach. The prices of food, transport, rents, basic household necessities must be cut. The economy must be organised to meet the productive and life requirements of our population, than those of the few ruling minority.

Education for the poor must be free to allow access to all in our country. Degrading education of the poor is another offensive of the regime to disempower the already poor majority in our country. Education should not be used as a tool to disadvantage people by draining the merger income of the working population.

Women must be mobilised to take leading positions in unions and union activities. We must defeat patriarchy, which is the weapon of the regime to run its backward system of oppression.

We call upon workers in our country to join Tucoswa unions and thrive to make them strong and better unions to champion the rights and interests of the entire working class population of our country. The struggle for democracy is a direct struggle to end oppression and exploitation in our society.

The CPS wishes Tucoswa strength in its effort to fight for the rights of workers and the entire oppressed people of our land.







Statement of the GS of the CC of the KKE on Workers' Mayday

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, the GS of the CC of the KKE, participated in the strike rally of PAME in Athens and made the following the statement to the Mass Media:

"May Day 2017 must constitute a real beginning of new large dynamic workers'-people's struggles for the movement's regroupment, in order to take back everything they stole from us during the crisis period, to cancel all the antiworker antipeople laws, to unilaterally disengage our country from the EU and NATO predatory alliances, to unilaterally cancel this debt and of course to pave the way for the socialization of the organization of production, of the services, of the whole economy with a centrally scientifically elaborated plan. So that our people's prosperity really exists, against wars, with peace, with the working class, the people in power. This path can- and must- be opened from today on, every day, every hour. This is the KKE's call to the people".



Notes from the speech of Thurmer Gyula, President Of Munkaspart


Hungarian workers!

My friends!

Awake, Take notice: the world has changed! Today, May Day celebration is not only a retro but a call for combat. Today, the parade is not only remembering, not only respect for tradition, but a creed. We're going to fight against capital, and call others to fight it!

The struggle is no longer an underdog. The rule of capital fluctuates around the world. The main stream parties, the capital was frightened. The capital was able to afford to lose. You know how you will lose, and we can win!

The capital is therefore preparing for war. War to prevent strikes and demonstrations, the fight against the capital of the revolution. The domination of capital, nothing expensive, neither the suffering of millions, not hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians died, nor the destruction of the human environment.

America lied, she lies and she will lie. America's love of peace talks? The last five US presidents brought 11 wars. Reagan Beirut and Granada Lovette apart. The elder Bush, Panama, Iraq, Somalia troops sent against. Clinton fought in the Balkans, bombed Yugoslavia apart, and the whole NATO unleashed it on the Serbs. The younger Bush's account is in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama launched a war against Libya and Syria.

We Hungarians do not want war. We do not want to die for American and German interests. We do not want them bring foreign soldiers, missiles, weapons to Hungary!

There is a solution. There is only one solution. There is only one sensible solution: Cut loose from the NATO! Impartial Hungary!


Long live the Hungarian workers!

Long live May Day!"