International Defense for Communism

Solidarity around the World by Communist Parties with the Communist Party of Poland (KPP) against the anti-communist charge.

ICP, 29 November 2017

ICP  reports the solidarity action for the Communist Party of Poland (KPP) by the Communist and Workers' Parties of the World. The Polish government has recently put into practice judicial prosecution of members of the Communist Party of Poland (KPP) on charges of "propagating communist ideology".

The reaction by the international CWPs are as follows:

Communist Party of Greece (KKE): 

The KKE demands the end of the persecutions against the Communist Party of Poland [EN], [RU], [ES], [GE]


Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE): 

Acción del Partido Comunista – PCPE en solidaridad con el PC de Polonia [ES]



Russian Communist Workers' Party (RCWP): 

Пикет у Генконсульства Польши [RU]

Пикет в СПб в поддержку товарищей из Коммунистической партии Польши [RU]


Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF)

В Калининграде выступили в поддержку польских коммунистов [RU]


Communist Party of Turkey (TKP):

Communist Party of Turkey protests anti-communist persecution in Poland [EN]


Communist Party of Ukraine:

Компартия Украины приняла участие в международной акции солидарности с польскими коммунистами, которые подвергаются судебному преследованию со стороны властей Польши [RU]




German Communist Party DKP

Solidarität mit der Kommunistischen Partei Polens – Gegen die antikommunistische Verfolgung! [DE]


Portuguese Communist Party PCP

PCP condena medidas persecutórias das autoridades polacas contra o Partido Comunista da Polónia [PT]


Party of Labour of Austria PdA – by letter

"To Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Vienna
The Party of Labour of Austria (PdA) condemns the anti-communist persecution against the
Communist Party of Poland (KPP) by the Polish authorities and protests against the trial,
which continues for more than 2 years and is restarting today the 27th November 2017,
against the party and its cadres with the accusation of "propaganda of communist ideology"
by the newspaper "Brzask" and the website of the CP of Poland.
We condemn the persecution of communist ideology and communists and any attempt to
illegalise the CP of Poland or restrict its political activity. We demand all charges against the
CP of Poland and its cadres to be dropped immediately."



Socialist People’s Front (marxist) -by letter:



Recently in Poland we can see worrying processes: with a significant increase of international tensions, particularly after the beginning of unrest in Ukraine, there is a never before seen rise not only of militaristic hysteria, but also propaganda of aggressive chauvinism, as well as political persecutions, directed against dissenters, which are incompatible with international norms of human rights.
Each year in Warsaw there are parades of thousands of fascists, in which are already openly raised slogans favouring the annexation of the lands of Lvov and Vilnius, and accordingly we see a growing wave of chauvinistic nationalism. All this, masked under the pretext of an alleged foreign threat, namely that of Russia, is used for the incitement of international and interstate unrest, for the demonization and denigration of anti-system opposition figures and organizations.
Hand in hand with this goes a campaign of caveman-like anti-communism, which manifests itself through the cynical falsification of history. Monuments dedicated to the Red army, as well as the anti-fascist partisans are being destroyed on the basis of the so-called decommunization act. What is more, there is a criminal case opened against the legally operating Communist Party of Poland (CPP), with the goal of banning it, threatening its members and leaders with imprisonment for the promotion of communist ideology.
All this strongly goes against the principles of the International Declaration of Human Rights. Let’s also have in mind, that in other European countries there are communist parties, working within the limits of the law; there even are openly communist deputies in the European parliament. Meanwhile, in Poland, as in Lithuania and a number of other European countries, prospers a policy of draconic anti-communism, which reminds one more of German fascism, rather than the principles of free speech and expression, declared by the Western democracies.
In connection with this, we, the socialists of Lithuania, the members and supporters of the SPF(m), express our solidarity with the activists of the CPP who will today stand before the court, simultaneously condemning the growing anti-democratic and pro-fascist tendencies in Poland. We appeal to the government of Poland, demanding it to revoke the inquisitional “decommunization act” and to stop the persecutions of Polish communists, as well as other dissenters.

SPF(m) committee


Communist Party of Britain – statement sent by e-mail:

'Communists in Britain condemn the trial of the Communist Party of Poland for distributing materials that seek to win support for a socialist system of society in their country. We understand that those accused now face long prison sentences if convicted. We ask the government of Poland to note that this prosecution, the result of its own legislation, is a direct violation of the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights on freedoms of thought and expression. We are also asking our own government to condemn this trial and to use its current position on the EU Council of Ministers to demand that it end its silence on this prosecution and defends the principles of the European Court of Human Rights'