International communist movement denounces the attemps to ban the CPU

A group of Communist and Workers' Parties released a statement denouncing the ongoing trial to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU).

ICP, last update: 10 February 2017

A group of member parties from the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties (IMCWP) released a statement denouncing the attempts to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU). Emphasising the invalidity of the trial, the signatory parties underlined the responsibility of the EU, NATO and USA in the process by supporting the fascist forces in Ukraine. The declaration underlined the partnership of the EU, NATO and USA together with the fascist politicians in the Ukrainian government in not just the attempt to destroy the CPU but also in the attempts to rewriting the past and collective memory of the Ukrainian people, to impose the de-communization of the country and to glorify the Nazi collaborators from the past.

The CPU announced that the Kiev Appeal Administrative Court could not manage to pass a sentence at the February, 8 court hearing. The CPU stated that the most important factor was the international support by communist movement before the hearing. The court shceduled the next hearing for February, 21, 2017. In the statement the CPU First Secretary, Petro Symonenko told that, "the CPU, despite the persecutions by the ruling National oligarchic regime against the communists and their families confirms to the fraternal Parties, that our common will to win in the struggle for protection of the interests of the working people of Ukraine is purposefully inflexible."

The signatories of the statement are as follows (updated):

  1. Albania - Communist Party of Albania
  2. Australia - Communist Party of Australia
  3. Austria - Party of Labour
  4. Bahrain - Progressive Tribune
  5. Bangladesh - Communist Party of Bangladesh
  6. Belgium - PTB-PVDA - Workers Party of Belgium
  7. Brazil – PCdoB – Communist Party of Brazil
  8. Britain - Communist Party of Britain
  9. Britain - New Communist Party of Britain
  10. Croatia - Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
  11. Cyprus - AKEL – Progressive Party of the Working People
  12. Cuba- CPC – Communist Party of Cuba
  13. Czech Rep. – CPBM – Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  14. Denmark - KPiD- Communist Party in Denmark
  15. Finland - Communist Party of Finland
  16. France – PCF – French Communist Party
  17. Germany – DKP - German Communist Party
  18. Georgia – UCPG – Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  19. Greece – KKE – Communist Party of Greece
  20. Hungary - Hungarian Workers Party
  21. India - Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  22. Iraq - Iraqi Communist Party
  23. Iraq – Kurdistan – CPIK – Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan
  24. Iran – Tudeh Party
  25. Ireland - Communist Party of Ireland
  26. Ireland - Workers Party of Ireland
  27. Israel - Communist Party of Israel
  28. Lithuania - Communist Party of Lithuania
  29. Lithuania - Socialist People's Front
  30. Luxembourg - Communist Party of Luxembourg (KPL)
  31. Malta - Communist Party of Malta
  32. Mexico - Communist Party of Mexico
  33. Netherlands – New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  34. Norway - Communist Party of Norway
  35. Palestine – PPP - Palestinian People’s Party
  36. Pakistan – CPP – Communist Party of Pakistan
  37. Philippines - Philippine Communist Party
  38. Poland - Communist Party of Poland
  39. Portugal – PCP – Portuguese Communist Party
  40. Romania - Romanian Socialist Party
  41. Russia - CPRF – Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  42. Russia - Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  43. Russia - Russian Communist Workers Party
  44. Serbia - KS - Communists of Serbia
  45. Sweden - Communist Party of Sweden
  46. Switzerland - Communist Party (Switzerland)
  47. Turkey – TKP – Communist Party of Turkey
  48. USA – Communist Party of USA
  49. Venezuela - Communist Party of Venezuela