Repression towards Russian communists

Members of Russian Communist Workers’Party (RWCP) were arrested on May 9th during the celebrations of Day of Anti-Fascist Victory

ICP, 12 May 2017

Russian United Workers Front (ROT FRONT) reports on its official website, that, on May 9th,  the First Secretary of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RWCP) A. Batov and RCWP member R. Osin were detained during the "Immortal Regiment" action in Moscow for distributing leaflets that referred to the class nature of the Victory and reminded the values ​​that Soviet people fought for during the Great Patriotic War.

Osin was soon released, while the court sentenced Batov to 7 days of administrative arrest for an alleged accusation of "disobedience to police officers." The actions of the police and the court were carried out with gross violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

On 10 May, members of the RCWP held a demonstration appealing for the immediate release of the communists who detained,  in front of the building of Tversky District Court,.

Members of Vperyod Movement also took part in the demonstration against the detention and for the immediate release of Batov in front of the Tversky Court building where Batov was sentenced 7 days of administrative arrest.

Similar unlawful acts against the Communists have been witnessed in other regions recently. The most scandalous case was the detention of the head of the regional office of the ROT FRONT, and RWCP member P. Tipakov at the Eternal Flame during his speech. He was sentenced to 10 days administrative arrest.